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capsular contracture

3yrs ago i lost about 90lbs and managed to keep it off. i lost the weight and my natural breasts from the dramatic weight loss and i had saline implants put in.
for the past year and a half they have been shifting downwards and outwards. the implants are no longer symmetrical. the bottom of my breasts are no longer circular shaped. i have indents and puckering of the implant on the sides and bottom of my breasts especially when i stand in certain ways or use my arm/pectoral muscles. there are stretch marks at the top of my breasts from the shifting. and my nipples discharge what seems to be sebum and are always so dry they crack and bleed, then ooze more sebum.
no bras fit me correctly, sleeping on my sides is almost impossible. when i lay flat its uncomfortable because my breasts will shift so far to the sides that i can place my hand between them and i still have more room before i can touch my other breast, and i can see the concave indents of my chest cavity. my breasts seem to get worse looking and feeling as the days go by.
i lost all that weight in hopes i would feel better about my body but i lost my natural beautiful big breasts and now i'm stuck with these fake big breasts that are uncomfortable and shifting..giving me pain and discomfort.
i dont know what to do!
i saw a plastic surgeon not too long ago who specializes in breast implants gone wrong LOL, and he told me he would take off any extra skin that should have been taken off before the implants were put in to begin with, and he would remove these saline implants, give a breast lift and put in new silicone implants of a cup size smaller. this would cost around 15k. i dont have 15k laying around.
any comments or opinions will be greatly appreciated as i am stuck in this ugly and uncomfortable situation.
i was wondering if anybody has any of the same symptoms as i do and what you did to get rid of them or how you went along getting your breasts re-done.
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From your description, it sounds like you have excess skin, breast ptosis and visibility of the saline implants.  The advise for implant replacement with mastopexy by your consulting plastic surgeon sounds appropriate.  A surgical fee of between $10 and $15K sounds correct.  You would need to finance this procedure or find a sponsor.
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thanks dr. rosenberg.
what exactly is breast ptosis?
how would i go about finding a sponsor?
financing right now is somewhat out of the question due to financial hardships.
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