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Addicted to plastic surgery???

When should a person be concerned that they are addicted to plastic surgery?  Are 8 surgeries too many?  
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I guess it just depends on your motivation for doing it.  Are you trying to be "perfect" because that will never happen.  You will always find stuff that you think could be improved.  Then again, I think if you have the money why not?  But, you should consider that people who have too much plastic surgery (esp. of the face) often wind up looking fake and weird.  I have had breast implants and two lip implant surgeries (I got Gore-Tex in my lips but am considering replacing them with another material as they are a bit "stiff" though they look good).  I have considered rhinoplasty and cheek lipo in the past (the facial cheeks, that is!) but am glad I didn't do them.  Plastic surgery leaves effects that are forever, so be sure you want the changes you're making!  I have breast implants I think are WAY too big for me and regret them so much now.  My motivation was the fact that I was flat-chested growing up and wanted that sexy Playboy look.  But now I am ashamed of my huge (D cup) breasts and hate men giving me sleazy looks and talking to my chest and not my face.  The people who made fun of me before for my small breasts were probably just jealous of me - wish I'd realized it before I changed myself permanently!
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I think it would be a good idea to get some counselling before you undergo any more cosmetic surgery. Any surgery brings health risks and you have already made a choice that you now regret. I'd get some help and some clarity before you go near another scapel.

You were small breasted and unhappy with that, then you had very large implants done and now you are offended by people looking at them and are unhappy with the new breasts. What did you think would happen when you put such large implants in? Maybe if you had gotten some counselling you would have been more clear on your reasons for doing the surgery and your expectations of surgery.
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Looking for someone in the Waco-Temple-Killeen-Bryan-College Station area in Texas that has had too much plastic surgery.  Whether it's you or someone you know that would be willing to on camera for a story about plastic surgery coming up in May.
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Yes, it's too much.
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Plastic surgical operation dependency is a behavioral dependency that is regularly caused by body dysphoric ailment and the desire for physical perfection.
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