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Breast Lump

In summer (July-ish) 2008 I had a breast reduction surgery. It looks wonderful. However, spring of last year I had a bit of pain last year in the right breast, but since it went away I just said "eh its still healing." Lately I've noticed that areas have pretty much hardened, one area in specific. I am trying not to be too concerned about it, becasue I am only 21 and in all likelihood with my surgery it is scar tissue or fat necrosis or with my age its fibroadenoma... I escpecially think it might be scar tissue because when lying down the lump is directly under the top of my nipple where there were sutures. There has been no change in shape, although my right breast feels slightly heavier than my left. As far as the shape, from what I can tell it is smooth, but has large, smooth lumps on it (shaped like images Ive seen of a popcorn fibroadenoma.) During my period my breasts tend to be bloat-y (on both sides) and the hard area comes to the surface, but doesnt really change. Occasionally while playing with the hard spot I can feel other lumps, which are squishy and kind of pop or disappear when squeezed.

Just wondering! Probably the answer is get it checked by my PS but does this sound like a scar tissue deal? Or a fibroadenoma?Or fat necrosis? Or should I be worried that it is cancer?
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PLEASE everyone do not just think it's scar tissue and poo-poo everything. I am 47 years old and had my breast reduction Aug 09. I healed ok. My breasts have been so sore ever since, when it was time for my mammo in May of this year I cringed at the thought because my breasts are still so sensitive! Surely if I had one just a year ago and breast reduction 9 months prior I am fine.
I found a lump in June. Thought nothing of it...scar tissue it must be, Then in August I thought, I really should make sure this really is scar tissue and I consulted with my PCP. He said he felt it was too but wanted me to get my yearly mammo (2 months late) and an ultrasound.
Those ended up with having to have a biopsy of that "scar tissue" I found out on the one year anniversary of my breast reduction that I have Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (breast cancer)
I am NOT trying to scare you but I want EVERYONE to know that it can and does happen. Please do not shrug off any changes even if you are fresh post op!
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It sounds like scar tissue, but it is best to have it looked at. No matter at what age. A friend of mine found a lump this last year, she was 20, and has found out she has breast cancer. It can happen at a younger age, more unlikely, but is possible. Get it checked out to be safe. Always have a lump looked at.
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