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Breast Reduction too small

It has been a week since I have had my reduction. I was a 38DDD and I don't know what I am now. I asked my surgeon to try for a 38C+, I am well aware that there are no guarantees. I haven't done any measuring but I stand next to my teen who is a small B and we look pretty similar in size. I looked at them for the first time yesterday and I freaked out. I cried, I'm depressed, I'm having anxiety over how small they are, I don't want to go into public. Is this normal? I keep telling myself that I'm being silly, get over it. It is what it is. I've read about other people who have had this done and they love it. I think I am in shock. Please tell me it will get better. Am I going through some kind of trauma? I can't even look at them with all the stiches and bruising it looks hideous. Although the shape is nice and they do stand at attention, so when I use the word hideous, I mean the stiching and grossness of all that.

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You will get use to them.  I went from a 36FF to a 36D.  It is quite a shock at first. Just think you will be able to wear cute bras and not have the straps digging into your shoulders.  If after a while your still not happy with them you can always have a small implant put in.
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Just wondering how you are doing.  I recently had breast implants removed, and even though I did so for health reasons, I now feel depressed, anxious, and ashamed of my body.  I went from a natural looking 32d to an emaciated looking 32 a/b.  Similar to your first post, it has only been 10 days since my surgery.  They're just boobs, but I feel a sense of loss that I hadn't anticipated before the surgery.
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I have forgotten that I posted a comment on this site. Sorry, pain killers must have gotten to me. LOL
I am doing fine now. I have gotten over the shock of thinking I was very small. It was all in my head. Actually, I think I was squashed in from the packing and that hospital bra. I have not worn a bra in 3 weeks and it feels wonderfuI, I haven't been able to go braless since I was 9 years old. LOL I am probably a C or C+. I am happy with the size but I am still sore. I can't wait until I heal up. I didn't realize it would be this long. I also can't wait until I can lay on my side without a pillow for support.
And Yes, I have recovered from my psychological problem. I can't believe I went through that, it is not like me. I hope you have gotten use to your new girls too.
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I also had breast reduction in January 2014 , I was a 34 G and 4'11" weighing 112. I ask for 34dd+. since I didn't want such a big change more of a lift with slight reduction, when I woke from the surgery I looked flat I thought the bra was like a girdle so I wasn't worried when they removed my bra I am a  b which is very small , I cried everyday I was inconsolable when I went back to see the doctor he said he thought I wanted them small and they looked better on my frame . Seems he chose the size. I will be having implants which is something I felt was unnecessary know that's what I have to do to appear like a 47 yo and not. A 12 yo. My breast looked great for my age and I just wanted the a bit smaller and lifted. When I asked the doctor about the size he also stated that all women who have such large breast prefer to go a lot smaller. I'm not sure when he didn't understand what I was looking for. I am very unhappy with my size, at the present time I wear 2 sets of bras ontop of each other both bras increase your breast by 2 sizes a total of 4 sizes up I'm worries about the summer since it's going to be difficult to use my 2 bra idea.. Doctors will not do implant for the least six month to a year. This has been a bad experience and worried about breast augmentation ....
I feel your pain.i had my reduction fe.28th. and was in shock in recovery felt like a 17 year old all over again. went from 36dd.to.36?. not sure what they will look like after swelling goes down. I'm in a medium sports bra. I'm very swollen and the bra is big. worried about final size. so depressing. will b seeing doctor this Friday. we discussed over and over I wanted no smaller than a full c cup. prior to surgery. have to find piggy what exactly happnd. good luck to you
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I had a reduction from a J, and was shocked and depressed from the moment I came out of theatre.  That was five weeks ago, and I still cry about it, I do not want to go out, I got measured today and am a 'C' I wanted to be a DD.  I wish I had never had this done, sure my back is relieved, but it would have been relieved if I was a DD.  I thought I explained well enough to the surgeon that I still wanted 'big boobs' as I am overweight and big framed.  I feel I have no sexiness about me, and look at them ALL the time and am sooo disappointed.  I do hope you are doing better, are you?
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My wife had her reduction and they went WAY smaller than she had hoped or had even discussed with her doctor. The doctor explained that he HAD to go to a certain size based on the insurance requirement in order to be covered. Any conversation regarding "...please go to a size..." was moot because the surgeons hands were tied. He had to go to a certain size. My wife claims to like it but she is exhibiting a lot of frustration getting new clothes and I have heard her many times say that she doesn't feel like herself anymore. As I type this I'm still shocked at how small she is and will leave it right there.
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