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Different size breasts and same ccs?

I went into breast augmentation surgery with one breast smaller than the other (pretty normal, I know).  I was a small 34A  and am 5'2 and 100 pounds.  My surgeon chose 350 cc Mentor Moderate Plus gel implants for both sides and I did not question this, foolishly, prior to surgery as I figured he knew what he was doing.  Now 10 days post-op my left breast is noticeably smaller than the right, just as before surgery.  I questioned my surgeon on the first 3 day post-op visit but I was on demerol and don't remember his response but remember it was "mathematical".  Now I am going to see him tomorrow and want to ask again but don't want to make him angry.  Why did he use the same implant size on both breasts when most every other woman gets two different sizes to even out asymmetry?  Shouldn't I have also received a slightly larger implant on the smaller breast to even them out?  Will I need a revision now?  I have shown 5 close family and friends my breasts without my surgical bra and they all agree I will.  I am devastated!
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I am having breast augmentation in 2 weeks and my doctor is putting in 2 different sizes because my right breast is smaller. you doctor should have noticed that in your consultation. Mine did. Definitely talk to him!
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I am having a breast enlargement on the NHS this summer as I have a bone abnormality of the sternum (breast bone) called pectus carinatum, which was not noticed at birth and has caused a problem in the growth of my breast and has pushed them apart. I have been very unhappy with the appearance of my chest for a long time, not just the size but the bone as well. I looked into getting the bone removed- this was a painful, major operation close to my heart. Therefore I have opted to conceal the bone with a breast enlargement. However, I am very unsure as to what to expect and what to ask for. As it is on the NHS I feel rude to suggest the size etc I would be happy with but I want to be sure the bone is concealed well, else there would be no point in the operation. Has anyone had similar issues or had any cosmetic procedures on the NHS? Thanks
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