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Finger clubbing and surgery.

When i hit my teens i slowly started to realise that my finges where different from other people around me. I asked my mother about this and she said i had "hereditary" finger clubbing from my granddad. My question is can reconstructive surgery be done and what would be the average cost if possible. It is all ten finger by the way and i have no underlying illnesses. Am 17 years of age aswell.

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There really isn't much to do for clubbed fingers and it would be very expensive for very little results. High school isn't a fun time to be "different", but once you reach college no one will care what your hands look like. And many people have some sort of different look to them, it's part of being human. good luck.
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Jodigure I appreciate your comment, but I happened to disagree.  It's not always true that once you reach college or are grown for that fact that people won't care what your fingers look like.  The fingers are such a focal point of the body, because you're always using them, weather it's to drive, eat, pick up something, hold a microphone etc.  My son is dating a young lady who has club fingers and no matter how he tries to look past it, it's a problem not just for him, but it always seems to be the main discussion whenever he brings her around or introduces her to other family members and I'm sure it's embarrassing to him, because it is for me and I'm not even dating her.  If I was unfortunate and had this happened to me I'd look for every possiblity to rectify this situation.  
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I'm sorry jodigure the above comment was actually meant for sweetpea03
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Wow, how sad that your son, well more so YOU, can't look past her physical difference and just love and accept her for who she is. Part of being human is being imperfect. I myself have a physical malformation, and no one has a problem with it. Yes, people look at me weird at times or even question what happened, but it's not a big deal. My boyfriend loves and accepts me how I am. I would never go for cosmetic surgery to "fix" my problem, because 1) it's expensive for little results and 2) this is who I am. Surgery won't change much of it. I think you need to step outside yourself and start being a bit more empathetic. Being shallow gets you no where.
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thanxxx sweetpea...your comments are most certainly a very big boost for me....thanx for your commments...take pride on who u r what u r...& love others...
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Fingers clubbing solve this problem
Hello Nilesh.  Do you have this problem with finger clubbing? More information would be helpful to offer suggestions. The main thing to figure out is what the underlying cause is to the finger clubbing.  If you treat that, then it solves the clubbing fingers problem.  Tell me more and I'll try to help.
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How it resolve the fingers clubbing
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