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How does Breastfeeding effect breast implants

How does breastfeeding effect of the look of the implants.  My dr. said it doesn't that only leaks can effect and make them different.  I am planning to breast feed but was wondering what it would do to my implants - it was something that came up on another forum.
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Is your implany behind your muscle?  I beleive someone on the maternal child site said that the impant has to be behind otherwise the milk will not flow.
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Yes, behind
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You should do fine.  I recently had my implants replaced after 11 years.  One of mine was leaking.  That was the second time in 11 years I had to have one replaced because of leaking.  I had two children after having mine done and had no problems.  They may not look as good after because of the skin streching. So when I had mine replaced I went with a larger size implant to fill out the extra skin.  They are good as new and nice and perky now. Good luck with the breastfeeding.
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My implants are only 3years old.  i would hate to replace them just after 3years another $5000 so soon.  I hope they look ok after breast feeding.
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I'm sure they will be fine.  I don't know how old you are, but I'm 44, and gravity had also taken it's toll.  I just went ahead and had it done since I was having to have one of them replaced because of leakage.  This way they are both new and it will keep me from having to have a lift for a few more years, because it filled them out nicely. Good luck.
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I have implants behind the muscle.  With my 1st child I never got milk; with my 2nd I did but I didn't breastfeed because of some medication I have to take that would be harmful to the baby.  My implants still look good after 2 pregnancies - they may even look a little more natural now but aren't saggy at all and I've had them since 1999.
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Thanks betty!!  I feel a bit better now.
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I run the clinical studies in the plastic surgeon's office I work for, and we all know implants don't last forever.  Pregnancy and breastfeeding always have an impact on your breasts, period, because of hormonal changes and weight changes, but implants are pretty resilient.  Silicone- or saline-filled; the outer silicone shell is quite tough.  I've heard of demonstrations of cars being slowly driven over them!  All told, though, we normally recommend that women wait until they have had had all the children they want to have devices implanted if they want to be sure they can breastfeed.  There are no promises.  
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i had silicone gel(gummy bear) implants put in almost 3 years ago...i had my son 9 months ago and when my milk came in omg! i have implants to make me a large d cup but i was like anna nicole smith but i weighed a 110 pounds but her boobs...it was much more painful, and reallllly lumpy...i definitely had enough milk to feed even with the implants but i could take how big they were...too much to handle so i nly breastfed my son a month or so....but now he is 9 months old and i think they look better than ever....they are only softer than before looking more natural...but the shape is the same....good luck and i hope i helped. =)
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just wondering if the implants you have are silicone or saline?not sure if the saline are more likely to leak??
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What one is better to get saline
or silicone?
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