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I want scar revision on my upper lip..

Basically I got punched and cut my lip open.. I had 6 stitches (around 6 years ago).. what I've got now is my lip looks a little lumpy in comparison to the other side of my lip and when the light is bright you can tell more.. it looks lumpy...It's not a massive scar also...I wanted to know what options I had...I want something done because it makes me paranoid..is there anyway I would be able to get the lumpy bit even and even looking lips... normal looking lips.. cheers
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you can try laser revision. I would NOT recommend any surgery.
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Laser?? What kind of.. be careful they seem to be quite bad for the soft lip skin.
check this out..
I have the same problem on my lip, and would be very hesitant to undergo such laser procedure
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your link just said that the CO2 laser works really well with great cosmetic results. That laser, CO2 laser, is a relatively new laser, and does have a wide range of conditions that it can treat. Though there are numerous other lasers that can be used. Going for surgery may only cause more scar tissue growth and leave a similar marking on the lip. Talk to your doctor about your options and then decide from there.
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actually.. I think the after 9 month picture (in the link) is not what one would call good cosmetic results. In my opinion, the laser specialists who conducted this research should have been more careful in avoiding the lip lines, as I have read the lines (ie. vermilion line) are very sensitive and hard to reconstruct. I do however agree in that there are many types of laser treatments, and that there could be one that could do the job, on top of this, I totally agree in that laser is less invasive than scar revision, by all means a better option (if it doesn't leave permanent burn marks). All I can say, if I chose laser, I would need to be very confident that the surgeon/specialist that is doing it has a lot of experience and knows what he is doing. Unfortunately, finding them may require time and patience, do you have any advice? Have you had laser treatments done before? Thanks for your reply, Ramon
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depending on where you are at, I can maybe give you a name of a doctor to see for laser. I have had laser treatments myself, and also help out with an organization to help people with pws's and other birthmarks get laser treatment along with other conditions.
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I am in the Netherlands, but I am thinking about a couple of reconstructive surgeries, have had two accidents in the past 10 yrs. Earlier, I was thinking about going to the US for scar/laser revision, and California would be an option.
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