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Pro Bono Breast Reduction

I am a 29 year old female from NY. I wear a 38/40 DDD bra, maybe even bigger. I am in extreme pain from by back, and shoulders. I cannot excercise because of them and I suffer from rashes and breakout underneath and in between them. I am in desperate need of a breast reduction but cannot afford it and my insurance will not cover the cost. I also suffer emotionally because of them and would like some help. Are their any surgeons who do pro bono reductions or the surgery at a reduced cost?
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You know my friend had H's and ins would be able to asst in the cost.  Medicaid actually paid for them.  It was a huge medical problem for her.

Basically, I think you should go to your Dr. and have them take pics of every position of your body (or cosmetic surgeon).  I'm quite sure you have back problems due to your breast.  Keep trying. The Dr. has to in return show your ins. co. that this is a medical issue.  My colleague has had the procedure done.  She waited 2-3 months.  The last straw was when her bra gave out on her at work... Good luck and send me a msg if you need help.  
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i am a 23 yr old female. i recently had a baby and gained about 50lbs. so when i hit 240lbs i decided to lose. after 6months i lost 70lbs and went from a 42DDD to a 36DD. but as a result of the rapid weight loss i now suffer  with sagging skin around my mid section and my breast look like deflated balloons. i was wondering if any one knew a pro bono surgen who could help me with a breast lift. its very humiliating to look this way at 23
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You could possible just have implants put in that would fill the extra skin.  I did this rather than having a lift and I was very pleased.
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