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Severe pain under left breast 3 weeks after breast aug

Hi there,
I am very concerned as I had a breast enlargement 2 and a half weeks ago and everything seemed to going fine I had no pain at all then 3 days ago I started to feel pain under my left breast, like an uncomfortable crushing pressure pain around the area the sports bra band was sitting. I thought maybe it was a badly fitting sports bra maybe rubbing on my scars or something then by the next night it was so sore I didn't wear my sports bra to bed hoping that would help if that was it. Then yesterday I went and got properly fitted for a new more expensive one hoping that would help but after wearing it for another night and day it seems to of got worse and my whole left breast now feels painful it is very painful when I even walk now I can feel the pain in my left breast with every step. It also looks much more swollen than the right although the scars look fine. It is much much more painful when I have the bra on but I don't want to not wear it as I know we are supposed to for support but I feel like I am bein crushed even breathing deeply hurts now. I am so worried so if anyone has any ideas what it could be please help me thanks joanna.

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Also I forgot to add I am cabin crew and unfortunatley had to go back to work after 10 days and my job is really physical I have to pull heavy aircraft stairs in and close the aircraft doors and push heavy trolleys etc so I dont know whether I could of done some damage maybe? My implant is over the muscle aswell and all the info Ive read on over the muscle sounds like you shdnt really have any pain after a week which I didnt really but obviously Ive gone backwards now for some reason and its really worrying me incase something is really wrong
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Thats your problem you probably went back to work to early try relaxing
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