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Tummy Tuck or Smart Lipo

How does one know if they are a candidate for smart lipo on the abs or tummy tuck?  3 out of 4 doctors thought I could get by with smart lipo. on the stomach area.  I'm having my flanks (back) and hips smart lipo-ed.  Doesn't smart lipo tighten the skin somewhat??  The fat cells remain after a tummy tuck, don't they? With smart-lipo, they are removed. Wouldn't the lipo make more sense if one should gain weight?

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Stay away from Smart Lipo. I almost did it until I learned it's too new and not FDA approved. I would stick with the tried and true liposuction and run as fast as you can from a doc who promotes Smart Lipo!! I'm in the middle of a lawsuit over it now.
PLease keep yourself safe!!
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Actually, SmartLipo has been FDA Approved since 2006 (in USA).  Although this procedure has been very popular in Europe for many decades.  I just had it done 2 weeks ago, and am fascinated with the results (and my results are not even final yet).  I've spoken to many people who also had this procedure done, and 90% are very happy with their results.  Just like all procedures, all results vary by person.  There were practically no pain, and I was able to return to work the following day.  Your particular physician is probably not licensed to perform SmartLipo...and you have every right to sue for that reason.  But do some thorough research and you will find out that there are tons of physicians practicing this new procedure all over US.  
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