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this is perfect! i was curious if anyone has used laser hair removal and had good success? i have read that only about 70-80% of hair is actually permenantly gone.
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I used laser hair removal for my bikini line.  Loved it!  Cost about $1500 Canadian plus topical cream but well worth it. I went for about 12 treatments.  You need this many because hair grows at different stages. At first you go every 2 or 3 weeks then it changes to 5 or 6 weeks then to 2 months then to 4 months. YOu can not suntan that area at all for the entire time you are doing treatments.  You can never wax or pluck again b/c that will stimulate new grow there. What little hair that does grow, (1 per 2 inches of skin) is like the hair on your head. Soft and thin.  Worked well for me because I have very dark brown hair and pale skin.  Blondes or red heads or dark skin people will not have good results. Dark skin people I don't even think can have it done.  

Important to make sure you use a professional, not some person who took a weekend coarse! And don't believe them if they say you only need a few treatments.  The only thing they say can affect it is hormonal changes like pregnancy. I'm pregnant again and have had no problems. They also suggest going back once a year or every other year.  I haven't and it has been almost 6 years.  

Love it , love it, love it
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great thanks for responding. so with any hairs left do you shave? since you cant pluck or wax?  or just go au natural lol. this is great info!
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I just shave, the hairs is so thin its barely noticable. If you shave it is only like a couple times a year, not an everyday thing. I do it only in the summer time.  But I love the fact that I have no ingrown hairs or reddish razor rash. Now only if I had $3500 to do my legs or $$ for my arm pits.
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its funny how you said no waxing. my friend had her pits lasered and still spends $$ to have the rest of the hairs left removed! i bet she didnt know about that.
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I've had it and loved it as well!!!!! I think it's so worth it. The place I go to is pretty reasonable as far as pricing goes, and the pain is very minimal. And I've noticed some hairs grow back, but they're light, thin hairs...not the nasty dark thick ones that I had before. So I usually just leave them alone.
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