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Whats wrong with my right axilla/chest/right lower ribs??? = breast swelling, armpit swollen, upper abdominal & lower rib area pain

I have been experiencing increasing issues with my right chest/axilla area and now in my lower ribs/upper right ab muscle.

These issues began about 8.5yrs ago.  I experienced discomfort along the axilla side of my right breast. Had ultrasound and showed a lymph node in axilla area.
I continued to memtion the pain in this area to my Dr.
in 2005 I had Cohesive (gummy bear) silicone breast implants done. Pain and discomfort increased.

Implants were replaced in 2006 due to one sitting higher than the other under muscle. Implants were then placed over muscle.

Pain increased throughout the year - in 2007 I noticed the lymph node lump to touch (not painful) - ultrasound showed the lymph had grown - fine needle aspiration showed silicone in lymph node.
After the FNA the pain was intense in the lymph node - i could no longer touch it.
Pain continued and began interupting my sleep.

A yr later another FNA and Drs decided to remove itin early May.

Since late May I've noticed swelling in my arm pit and my right breast swelling up - Drs kept putting it all down to implants.

The pain is increasing and i've noticed swelling at base of armpit towards my back. I have pain and discomfort in my shoulder blade too. I
Ended up going to ER because I had pain in my chest increasing over several days, (like pressure when I breathe in - only on right side).

I had an MRI in July and the implants were intact.

Severe stabbing pains at the upper area of the right breast began.

I have been given the cold shoulder by DRs as they just say "wait for surgery - it must be due to the implants".

Now have a Surgeon who will remove the implants in Oct. He tells me 'Silicone can not do this to the body. Doesn't cause these side effects.

What is happening to me then???
My breast keeps getting bigger and the pain is now going into my right lower rib and stomach. I feel like my stomach is swelling and I can't even touch the rib area anymore (feels kinda like like a torn muscle) and It hurts/aches right through to my back.
My shoulder circumf. is 3.5cm bigger on my right.

Can implants cause these effects?? The breast surgeon says they can't!
Is something else going on that needs addressing???
Can anyone help me - I can't place my arm down against my side,  I can't sleep without pillows supporting my breast & arm all the time and the DRs are making me feel like i'm mad???
Please help??
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