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Worries about continued numbness, etc. after LB Lift

Dear Dr. Rosenberg,

Thank you for your time!  I am writing because I had a full tummy tuck/belt lipectomy about 9 months ago.  This was due to a huge weight loss (after finally being able to diet/exercise after years of inacitivity d/t a long-standing illness.)  I also had a breast reduction.  I had a qualified surgeon who did a good job and my scars and new body look great.

I am realizing though that the continued numbness and odd "pulling" and "tight" sensations around the scars of the belt-lipectomy are par for the course, and it is unclear how much more normal they will get in terms of sensation.  I do not feel any pain but it is "weird" and uncomfortable, kind of like wearing a too tight pair of pants.  My surgeon said it "should" get better and not to worry about it.  The problem is it is getting me depressed because I am told it could take years for the nerves to regenerate, or it may not get better.   I have started acupuncture/cold lasers with some acupuncturists in Boston who specialize in this but what else can I do?   Would a TENS help?  I don't want to waste money on useless remedies but I am feeling upset.  I guess I was somewhat naiive going into it.  I also know that some people are bothered by these consequences more than others.  I am one of those neurotics I guess!

In your experience might this improve?  What can I do?  (Luckily my breasts feel completely normal now.)

Thanks very much!

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