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diastasis recti repair

If I lay on my back you can clearly see where i have a seperation in my stomach muslces from below the center of my chest bone all the way down to my pelvic bone. My children are 5 and 9 months. Both were c-section delivery and I had a tubial ligation.  I am small only 61 inches tall and I have dropped ALOT of weight. I find eating is extremely uncomfortlbe so I am down to about 100 lbs. By belly button also pokes out. the muscles around my pevis have become to feel knot like and ache severely. What should i do? What procedure will fix this? Can it be fixed?
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Sounds like a routine tummy tuck would help.  Have you asked your PCP?  He may be able to refer you to a good PS.  When I had my last c-section my OB/GYN actually sewed my lower abdominal muscles together b/c of herniation.  Talk to your PCP and ask what options you have, more likely then not he will recommend surgery.  And if it is for your health and medical reasons, insurance may cover it.  Best of Luck and Keep us updated.
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I am scheduled for distasis recti repair surgery Aug 5th, 2008, and also for a ventral hernia surgery.
I have two surgeons involved of course, the plastic surgeon and the general surgeon that has done my previous surgeries
My problem is that I had been to my Gyn doctor who found cancer in the walls of my cervix three years ago, and he suggested that I see my surgeon reagarding my ct scan that showed diastasis recti on the scan and I didnt know what that was. I had mentioned to him that something was wrong, besides my abdomen being so swolen and getting worse, I have had bowel troubles (after doing everything possible) and also unrinary incontinence and voiding very little when I did go. This was all farirly new in the last year or so. My lower back hurt daily and I slept with a heating pad every night on my back to get relief
My gyn doctor informed me that I would need a plastic surgeon to do what is generally called a tummy tuck to repair the split miscles etc and I told him I couldnt afford to pay for a plastic surgeon
He informed me that in cases like this, where I had medical reasons for having it done and had medical problems that are related to having this surgery, then insurance should have no complications covering it as long as the doctor documents it correctly.

I saw both surgeons and they sent for approval with my insurance company only to be told that my hernia surgery was covered but my tummy tuck surgery would not be covered because it is considered cosmetic.
I didnt go into this for cosmetic reason at all and I took my last dime out of my father's inheritance to have this done so I could feel better, so I dont understand when insurance covers it and I need advice from someone as to what I need to do at this point
I have talked to the scheduling person and there is nothing that she can do to help me
When IS it covered ?
I had to pay $4000 today and the more I thought about it, the more upset I became
Help me someone to make me understand
I will follow through with this surgery for sure but feel I am being taken or something
I worked for this group of doctors for years and I trust them and just dont know if the coder is the one I need to talk to or what

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How was your surgery?  I hope everything went well and they were able to repair the hernia at the same time.  I just had the diastasis procedure done and a hernia repair as well.  My symptoms were very similar to yours and I am hoping this will cure my chronic back pain and intestinal difficulties.  I hope you were able to get the procedure covered by your insurance.  My doc said that it is very difficult to get it covered but it should be if you have health issues that relate.  You have to be pretty insistent that they figure out how to get it covered.  I had to take pictures and send them in with doctor's notes etc.  
I am interested in hearing about the outcome.  If this surgery helps, I want to spread the good news to others because there are so many women who don't know about this and it isn't talked about much within the medical community.  
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I am doing great and almost 4 weeks since my surgery and hope that you are doing good yourself
I am still pending the insurance problem, and will post on here to let you know the outcome
But the office is listening to me and trying to work it out for my benefit
I dont mind paying a partial fee because the plastic surgeon did ask me if there was anything else he could do while he had me opened up and I said 'like a tummy tuck? and he said yes
but that wasnt the sole purpose of doing the surgery
My colon/bowel problem has improved so much and my lower back problem is getting better also so I know it wasnt just a cosmetic problem.
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I am brand new at this on line forum thing but your story grabbed my attention.  I also have a diastisis and like you lots of bowel problems, I now pee myself as well and soon have to have surgery for lifting my bladder.  I have three kids under 5 and a very active full time job.  From what I read, your diastisis surgery fixed your bowel problems??  I take copious amounts of metamucil to make things regular.  Your insurance problems .... are you dealing with American or Canadian ins companies?  Thank you.
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I have have a difficult problem such as hernias in incisional scar on lower abs.. and diastasisi..Lower bowel problems....Painful.. cant perform my job because of it.Lower back Disc problems.too...My insurance says I need to have the general surgeon or plastic surgeon do a pre deposition?precertification..? Now normally the insurance co. BCBS..Says they dont cover the proceedure unless they have this letter of predeposition/precertification..What is this letter?? and what do I need to convey to the insurance company so I dont have any out of pocket expense..I want the insurance company to pay for this..Im a fitness instructor not able to perform my work and when I do Im in a great deal of pain.
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I had diastasis recti repair on October 20, 2009. I had all the problems that everyone else are complaining about esp. bowel problems. I had 2 surgeons: a general surgeon and a plastic surgeon.  Since my condition was medical related, my insurance company covered the diastasis recti repair.  I had to pay for the plastic surgery part.  My general surgeon sewed my muscles back together and my plastic surgeon removed the excess skin.  It was well worth the money spent. I now have bowel movements like I did before I had kids and I no longer have back issues. You don't necessarily have to get the excess skin removed but I choose to do it because I'm very small. Good Luck! If anyone wants some detail about my surgery, please feel free to email me: ***@****
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I also have diastasis and still look 6 mnths pregnant.  Have had Hernia surgery first week of September 2009, and still in pain from that and can not have my 9 mnth old son, 2 year old daughter and 5 year old daughter put any pressure on my stomach and can not lay on my back or I have a lot of pain in my stomach.  Just got back from the general surgeon today after having another CT to see if I have another hernia, and I don't. The surgeon said I can not help you and I have to wait until March 2010 to see if I am in any more pain and if I am to go to my PCP to send me to a Pain Clinic.  Isn't this a bunch of BS.  I don't know what else to do.  I am going to try exercises to see if it helps, which I dought it.  If anybody has any ideas I would love to here them.  Thank you
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i have breast cancer and need a mastectomy. I am trying to figure out if I should go silacone and tummy tuck which would give them the skin but not be as invasive and the trim flap which takes your stomach muscle and an artery. yes I would have to pay for the tummy tuck but that way I would not have to wait months for the surgery. I live in Florida and do not want to deal with al the fake add ons for a long time.
question: anyone who has had the flap. how has it really effected your muscles. im 45 and use my muscles alot. is it lower or upper muscle? Does it effect virginal muscles at all? Meeting with surgeon next week and only have a week to make the decisions or I will have to have more chemo. very aggressive cancer.
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Two suggestions:

1. You will be more likely to get responses if you start a new thread with your own question, esp. when you are introducing a completely different topic. When you tack a question on someone else's thread, it is likely to be overlooked, because people will often assume it is just another a reply to the original question.

2. The question you are asking would probably be better addressed by posting it in the B.C. Forum (as you have already done) and in the Cosmetic Surgery Expert Forum.
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What kind of bowel problems were you guys having?  Like constipation or something else?  I am having some of the problems mentioned, but I'm not sure about the bowel issues.  I also would love to have this paid for by my insurance.  I've already seen a general surgeon who treated this like a minor problem.  He told me to come back if it got worse.  Any suggestions?
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This is an interesting thread as I also have the umbilica hernia and diastasis.  I noticed it first after my first baby was born 2 1/2 years ago. None of the doctors here could explain what was wrong and the 'hernia specialist' in town told me I should wait to see if losing more weight would help it go away. I also had bowel issues and lower back pain. I have always been very physically fit but looking 6 months pregnant is awful (when you're not). None the less I waited to see if the problem would go down.  Ten months later I had dropped 50 pounds and the problem was still there.  I had my second baby 15 months ago and have since lost all the baby weight.  The problem is still there. I have also gone to insurance folks to battle this out - as I had a great core prior to baby.  They've all said the same thing - they'll pay for hernia repair, but not PS. My understanding is that you need both.  However, I've since researched quite a few PS who fix the hernia as well with mesh. I just hope no one wait as long as I have in hopes that it will "get better w/weight loss" -- the same doctor said he didn't think it was a big deal that my stomach stands out so much. Ugh. Now it just comes down to finding the best PS to do this.  If insurance isn't going to cover it - the best thing I can do, is to at least find someone who is an expert at fixing this problem.  Also - I bought some body sculpting after baby video that said she fixes these problems w/out surgery.  Uh huh. 6 weeks later I had increased my lower back pain and my stomach was bulging even more. I have a feeling it might be better to wait on ab work until after the repair.
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