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painful scar tissue

Please does anyone have any symptoms like mine after breast reduction surgery. I suffer pain along the scar line of my right breast and i have a hard lump in one of the scars. My gp thought it was a neuroma, but my breast surgeon says it is not, it is just dead fat. The pain is particularly bad leading up to' and during my period. I had my breast reduction in june 2007. I also have bad large scars in my cleavage area.I thought smoking was supposed to inhibit healing, however i do not smoke and have white skin which i was told was not so prone to these scars, so i am wondering what i did wrong during the healing process.

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Hi, I had a breast reduction 20 years ago now so obviously my healing is well over with and the scarring is now minimal.  However, I DID have particular problems with my left breast as I got an intense infection about 3 weeks after surgery.  My breast literally opened on the vertical stitching scar and took a long time to heal, the scarring is fine now and although I didn't have pain along the scar lines, they are lumpy in certain areas and they too become sensative during PMS. I still do experience shooting nerve pain and my left breast is very lumpy generally (I've had a few scares over the years discovering lumps which have turned out to be just scar tissue).  And I am a heavy smoker but the scars are almost invisible now.....

I think there is always a price to pay for surgery of any kind as scarring is very rarely perfect and if your doc says you've nothing to worry about, once you keep get any of these lumps checked out, I'd imagine that the pains/scars will fade over time.  Although I've had a few problems I don't regret having the op done and would do it again......
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