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swelling and bloating after tummy-tuck


I had a tummy-tuck, and I am 4 days away from a month ago, of getting it. My question's are, why and how long does it take for the swelling to leave my body? I can see where it actually is moving downward, but...for about a week now, I feel like I have an inter-tube belly! It is frustrating! Also...right above my scar, is a roll! Almost like where my stomach should and could be flat, but it is a roll of hard and soreness. Is this normal? I also, have love handles! They hurt to touch, and I am praying it is just swelling.

At this point, now that my Dr. sold me and then performed the surgery, I feel he has lost passion and interest in answering my questions now, since he is paid-off!

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my friend is 1 month out from her tummy tuck and has the same problem. Her doctor told her it could take as long as 6 monhts for this to flatten out. She is pretty upset.
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Had a tummy tuck 30 years ago... it took almost a year to resolve to what I expected to have in a month.  In fact, I have had MANY plastic surgery procedures over the last 30 years.  I am contemplating another right now.

No one tells the truth about how long it takes to recover from these procedures.  If they did, lots of people would probably not have them.  

If you could exercise and diet faithfully for a year and get the same results, would you have a tummy tuck.  Probably not... they are painful and there is a long recovery period.  AND an even longer period before you get what you expected right away.

I had mine because of muscle damage to my abdoment resulting from two difficult pregnancies and deliveries... I had no other options, my muscles had been distended and torn so badly they would never recover... I tried for 10 years to get them back in shape... didn't work, plus I had abdominal hernias that had to be corrected.

The fact of the matter is, it takes about a year for your body to rebuild any area that has surgery.  Doesn't matter where it is, or whether you can SEE it or not... it still takes that amount of time.  Nose, eyes, breast implants, breast implant removals, tummy tucks, hysterectemys... etc.  I know... have had them all.

I am a veteran of many plastic surgeries and I too have felt angry when I didn't look fantastic with in a few weeks of surgery.  I soon learned that that is how it is.  

There are LOTS of things you can do if you are contemplating surgery that will speed recovery.  The same things that help you before, will help you after wards... obviously if you do the right things before you are going to have a better recovery... if you keep doing them AFTER the surgery, things will go even faster.  

You need to be aware that you should not take supplements within two weeks of surgery or for two weeks afterwards.  Nor should you smoke or drink for months before or afterwards... it goes without saying using drugs is also to be avoided.  Tell your Doctor the truth about any medications you take... not doing so could kill you.

Afterward, the same things will help you recover faster, they include no smoking, no drugs, no drinking, moderate exercise (walking is best), excellent high protein diet, plenty of fruit and vegetables, high potency multi-vitamin and mineral daily, pharmaceutical grade fish oil daily, vitamin D3 supplement OR if you are young, white and cover your scars to prevent them discoloring... 20 minutes exposure to the sun on your torso daily.

People who have fair skin and are young have skin that will produce large amounts of vitamin D.  Those people who are older, or have darker skin DO NOT produce the amounts of Vitamin D daily for optimal healing.  

If you cannot expose your torso (WITHOUT SUNBLOCK or you defeat the purpose) 20 minutes a day, when the sun is high... you need a vitamin D supplement.  Carlson Lemon Flavored Cod Liver Oil (keep it refridgerated, it isn't so bad, back of tongue with a chaser of OJ)... provides both D and A.  If you don't eat egg yolks, one of the few known sources of Vitamin K, you should take that as a supplement, plus natural vitamin A, not beta carotene, it will not do the job.

It is very common for Doctors to ignore patients after surgeries...  When picking a surgeon, NEVER SHOP PRICE.  

The really good doctors all charge about the same prices... Doctors that charge lower prices.... well, lots of times you get what you pay for.

Check, check, check on a Surgeon you are considering... is he Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons?  You need to have a Doctor that has gone through the extra years of training necessary to get these certifications.

Lots of little outfits can sell Doctors Certifications... but you want a Doctor Certified by the Big Dogs and there are only two in America.

Any Doctor can do ANY procedure once he has his license.  Trained or not.

You ALSO, DO NOT WANT a doctor that graduated in the bottom half of his class.  

This is pure self preservation.  A good Doctor will give you a list of things you should and shouldn't do before AND after surgery.  A good Doctor will NOT ignore you.  There are a number of things that should be suggested to patients by Doctors... there are post surgical treatments that are available that encourage the body to reduce swelling and heal faster, there are scar treatments that should be suggested and USED to reduce scarring.

These scar treatments really do work, they have come out since I had my last surgery and they are remarkable.  My niece and nephew almost died in a terrible accident this year... the scars left after surgery were awful... faithful use of the scar treatments (they are expensive but find a way) left them with amazingly small scars, I was stunned.  

At this point, even though you feel angry at your Doctor, I would suggest you write him a nice letter, explain your concerns and ask if there are any treatments he could suggest that would speed up the reduction in swelling... there ARE treatments.  One thing you can do yourself is light massage on the area.

Try to follow the suggestions I have out lines above... Good luck.

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I'm about 5-months post abdominoplasty.  I've had so many issues with my incision and belly button!  First, my belly button wasn't healing correctly due to fat tissue build-up.  I've had to make about six "special" visits to my surgeon in order for him to pop the fat blisters and dig excess fat from my belly button which resulted in a small hole and additional healing time.  Next, my incision across my bikini line has overall healed beautifully (used Scarguard religiously) but there is one spot which decided to open up into an almost dime sized hole where hair follicles were gathering.  Again, my surgeon had to dig out all the hair follicles and the hole was much disturbing.  As I type this response, it's yet to heal.  I'm also bloated and my stomach is hard to the touch.  There are days that I actually look pregnant!  I used to get very frustrated with the bloatedness but have come to realize that it's part of the long healing process.  I continue to run, do sit-ups, and stay active.  I can say that I can see my abs and the contours.  
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I had a mommy makeover two years post my pregnancy ,from a cosmetic surgeon in Toronto- Dr Ronald Levine . It was pretty hard initially with scar n bruise n all and an unruly child to look after. But trust me, it is only for a while. I don't know why there are so many myths about the recovery taking so long and all. If the medications and anesthetics are all properly taken and of course , with the  guidance of a good doc, there is no chance of risk.  But I suggest , you go for a thorough research before jumping into any conclusions as such. And for those who  still think it is insane or weird, you can always go for natural exercises , push-ups , pull-ups and crunches. Goodluck mommies!
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hello, im sorry to bother you but i was hoping you could tell me how long you had swelling issues. Im 5 months post op from a mommy makeover and i look pregnant.
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I had my tummy tuck done this morning. At times I feel good, while other times I'm feeling tight, sore and uncomfortable. I cannot seem to get into a position and I feel wet between my legs, not to much though. What helped you get comfortable?
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