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Digestive problem

After reading the posts on this site and others, I still have no answers to what I experienced this morning and hope someone out there can help.  After a BM this morning, I noticed my stool was covered with mucous, very little bright blood (hemorrhoids) and had a strange white barnacle or cauliflower looking object protruding from the stool.  I was dx w/large ball of hemorrhoids in the rectum several years back. The BM characteristics were normal other than above, with no stress to defecate. Other symptoms include, night sweats, very gassy yesterday, abdominal pain about 3 days ago, loss of weight, intermittent sharp pain in stomach.  I am not dieting nor trying to lose weight, but since last February I have been consciously making an effort to eat better, with very little fat intake.  Since February I have lost 35 lbs.  The last 10 lbs have dropped within the past month.  I have not had the flu, or experience flu like symptoms associated with parasites.  A few years back, I was diagnosed with GERD, which is under control. The endoscopy and colonoscopy performed 2 years ago showed improvement, and nothing other than hemorrhoids.  If anyone could give me any information or has knowledge of this type of problem, please reply.  One other thing to mention...I have hypoglycemia and have recently experienced several episodes of passing out after two  alcoholic beverages.  I recently read that with hypoglycemic individuals quick alcohol consumption stops the liver from producing Glycogen, which carries the signal to the pancreas to produce insulin.  I am curious to find out if this has any to do with this mornings episode.
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