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Is it Crohn's?

I am a 34 years old male. My health problem began 14 years ago with an acute and sharp pain in my left knee, which lasted 5-7 days. Thereafter, the intensity of the pain decreased, but I had stiffness and pain in my left leg. Slowly, the pain spread to my right leg and upper body as well. The pain is in my joints, muscles and i guess even my skin. I currently also have a lower back disc herniation and non specific duodenitis. Over the years, RA factor had been negative; negative for lyme disease. Some important points of consideration:
1. vitamin B12 deficiency : 130 standard units (I regularly eat eggs and other meat products)
2. vitamin D deficiency: 5 ng/ml
3. The consumption of first 50k units of vitamin D resolved 90% of my pain in less than 2 hours. After weekly consumption of vitamin D and calcium, my levels reached 45 ng/ml. however, the pain slowly started to come back after 2 weeks of starting on vitamin D
3. Highly sensitive to NSAIDs
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