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Noticed maroon parts on dark patches in stool.

Hi there.
Right, I've had stomach issues for a few years now. Started about mid 2011 with constipation and diarrhea; nothing too serious. ~Went to the doctor and was diagnosed with IBS there and then, didn't think too much of it. Over time my stools got darker ( sometimes very very dark brown/ nearly black all over and only parts of the stool). Went to the doctors again and got some blood taken and said i needed B12 supplements. So I took them for a while and my blood count was normal. Fast forward to about a year ago I sometimes woke up in the middle of the night in agony needing to go to bathroom. Felt better after BM, I figured out that fizzy drinks before bed did this and i've cut that out altogether. So the partially black stools are regular and I've been told time and time again that it's IBS (the only 'exam' i've had was a rectal exam and that was apparently clear), it was only until a couple of days ago I noticed that the dark bits are now coming out a maroon colour, only in small segments. I actually think the dark parts are actually blood. Has anyone been through anything similar? If so, what was the outcome? Sometimes the stools, when a normal colour, come out slightly flattened. Not too much but only a little. [info: i'm 5'9" 255lbs (VERY overweight but i've cut down on junk food), not been losing weight and still have a good appetite].

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Just noticed about an hour ago that there was more blood than before mixed in with the mucus covering the lumpier looking parts. Has anyone went though anything similar?
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Its scary to see blood the first time, but if it isnt coupled with excruciating pain or other symptoms, usually making an appt with ur doc calms the nerves, and it could even be gone by the time your appt arrives.  Bloody stools can mean lots, hence the doc appt. if the blood is black or tarry (like i think you have) a doc is completely required. If the blood is more topical and red or fresh, like theres blood when u wipe, its not really that big a deal and you should invest in some colace.

Killing the caffeinated drinks was a good choice all together- i only have one half can in the morning with crushed ice if my tummy hurts...and try to stick to plain coke or ginger ale...your intestines will thank me.  The weight is an issue, but ive got that same issue.  Try to get rid of dairy and anything citric for a while...it might help. No pizza, no tomato sauce, but fresh tomatoes okay- sandwiches are safe.

But pls don't forget to make that appt- your pcp will be your first stop. If u don't have ins, let me know- maybe i can help with the process.
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