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cyclical morning nausea, and strange bowel movements

I am 23, female, living in the KW area. Sorry this is so long I'm trying to be thorough for myself as well because this is the first time I've written down everything.

The problem first occurred in August 2011, I was out with a friend and had ONE Smirnoff ice over the course of the night. When we got home I couldn't stop throwing up violently every half hour to the point of uncontrollable dry heaving and couldn't keep any liquids down, and we were worried someone had spiked my drink, so I went to the hospital and they gave me Gravol and a throat/stomach numbing liquid, and the doctor prescribed some Ranitidine and said I wasn't drugged or anything. The ranitidine made me feel better, I didn't drink really to begin with so I cut out alcohol completely.

In mid-November 2011 I had to go to England to see my Gran who was passing away. Around this time I was starting to feel sick when I thought about eating or if I smelled certain foods, I changed my diet and ate bananas, rice, veggies, and cut out meat and greasy food. 2 days into the trip I was admitted to hospital for uncontrollable throwing up. I had thrown up so much and couldn't stop dry heaving, the doctor said I was beginning to bring up food from my intestines (bile being thrown up turned from yellow/white to green [the veggies I had for dinner hours earlier]). They gave me a shot to try to stop me from throwing up but no luck, I was given an I.V. and they ran blood and urine samples that came back clean. They did an ultrasound for gallstones and it was clear. The doctors gave me Omprazole, and after a few days I was fine again.

Around the new year, I didn't have a family doctor this whole time and was seeing a walkin clinic doctor, he gave me samples of Tecta to help with the mild stomach pains and nausea I was beginning to get again. He sent me to get a Barium swallow ultra sound done, and the results were normal. He also checked urine for H.pylori which also wasn't there, and he said I didn't likely have ulcers. The tecta worked fine, but started to give me terrible head aches all day, so once I was done with the prescription I didn't renew.

In the summer of 2012, I was staying over visiting my boyfriends family and started to feel sick in the morning. I couldn't stand the sight smell or thought of food it made me feel so sick. I choked down a banana and some water, and tried to take a gravol, but I just threw it up straight away and couldn't stop. Went to the hospital and they gave me more Tecta (pantoprazole magnesium) and the stomach numbing agent and had me come back for x-rays, which ended up being clear. I started to feel better in about a week.

In between times I would sick, I tried taking Zantac, some times it would help sometimes not. Nausea would only be for the first few hours in the morning and I'd be great for the rest of the day. I also only experienced it a few days at a time. I was still only seeing the walkin clinic doctor who seemed to be very angry that I was still coming back and he said there was nothing more he could do for me. He booked me to get a scope down my throat for March 2013.

December 2012 I went to the hospital because I fell off a ladder at work. 2 days later I started feeling sick in the mornings again. Same uncontrollable heaving until bile is even gone. I went to the hospital they thought it was flu, but I had no fever, chills, etc. The nausea and vomiting persisted for 7 days so I went back to the hospital and they made sure I wasn't pregnant and gave me some more Tecta.
This nausea was the WORSE yet. NOTHING worked, I tried Zantac, tylenol, gravol, tums, milk of magnesium, I tried mint tea, ginger tea, eating crackers in the morning, sitting up to sleep, standing after eating, drinking water before meals, during meals, after meals, drinking milk, cutting out milk all together. I don't drink coffee or alcohol any more, I don't eat chocolate or candy (except salt+vinegar potato chips on occasion).... I am convinced Gravol doesn't work anymore because I take when I feel nauseous, and then it make it MUCH worse and I just throw the pill up. Once I start throwing up its very hard to stop, so I try to keep the nausea from getting that far.
The nausea and vomiting continued the whole month of December, and for the month of January I managed to keep the vomit at bay, but was still getting the nausea. It was waking me up EVERY morning between 7-8 am regardless of what time I went to bed or how much sleep I got, and would persist until about 1 in the afternoon. I would sit up alone in the living room slowly eating crackers, carrots and fennel tea until I felt better.
I was also having some strange bowel movements now. I would constipated right in the morning and only be able to get a little out, then 5 minutes later I would have to go and it would be a couple of softer pieces covered in mucus, and the 5 minutes later I would have to go again and it would be full on liquid. The walk-in clinic doctor prescribed more tecta and sucralfate, and after a week I could eat normally again.

In February I finally got a family doctor who hasn't done anything so far. He said to wait and see for the scope, but then when I went to see the gastroenterologist for the scope, the guy said he wasn't going to do it because he was pretty sure I just had IBS and a fibre deficiency. He gave me Tuzen (probiotics?) and MORE TECTA! I was pissed. My other doctor said to continue on the gastroenterologists plan because he didn't 'want to interfere' and he also suggested that I should come off birth control in case it was the hormones, but I had been on Alesse 21 since I was 16 and never had any problems. Since getting the Tuzen, I was feeling better at the beginning of march, and having a day or two every so often when I have had nausea in the morning but nothing waking me up with pain, and it usually goes away quickly with fennel tea (its all I drink now).

Starting 3 days ago I have been waking up more comfortable (at my own time) but I have started getting the nausea again, and the strange bowel movements (one day constipated the next liquid, sometimes covered in mucus, sometimes white, majority of the time visible undigested food) I am really worried this is going to escalate again and I just want a real diagnosis, I want to know exactly what is wrong with me because I can't go to friends houses or vacation comfortably cuz I am always worried I'll be terribly sick in the morning, I'm also worried its something much worse like cancer and no one is catching it quick enough. I feel like it is getting worse, because it is happening much more frequently now than when it started. every couple of weeks as opposed to months of gap time.

My step brother (related by father) has Crones, my other step brother just had kidney stones, my mother had breast cancer around 1994 and then it came back as lung, liver and kidney cancer and she passed away 2002, my father passed away 2003 from idiocardiomyopathy.

What is wrong with me !!?? I don't want to have this every couple of weeks for the rest of my life

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Yeah not really sure what tecta is other than a gerd medication, which is good for what it does, and pretty sure your not in US, but i hope this helps...

The cycle thing is annoying, but you can start to get the feel for it.  It took two years for me.  I have atypical crohns, ibs, hiatel hernia, acid reflux, and barrets esophagus, and gastritis that has reached rather evil levels in the last three months...and a doc that doesnt listen....kind of a bad combination.  Recently, had a hysterectomy because of a uterine anurism coupled with adenomyosis, but enough about me.
  What ive learned: everything runs on what you eat. The no alcohol thing is awesome. Add to it no coffee, no dairy, no citric.... Im a meat and potatoes kinda girl, and not really a lot of meat...really more potatoes...but sandwhiches are okay.

Everything in mediation. No meal bigger than your palm. My doc says eat 5 times a day, but i stay around two times a day because of the gastritis.  Get some painkillers- no aspirin, and stay away from nsaids like motrin or ibuprofen.  You could have ulcers and you need an endoscopy- like yesterday! So go back to the doc and dont care what he says...get the freaking endoscopy!

The constipation/diarrhea thing is my day to day thing, too.  It sux, but knowing what you have to deal with is half the problem.  Keep wet wipes and gloves available and try really hard not to push- the hemohoids are viscious, especially when they burst. Dont freak about the blood as long as it is bright red. Use colace...it helps the constipated part alot.  Keep track- make yourself go at least once every two days- use laxatives (gentle!) if you need to. Be careful- intestines are weaker with people with these issues. At least the people i know with these issues.

Keep a change of clothes with you if you go out. Keep wet wipes in your purse and hand sanitizer.  Use them both regularly! Catching a cold or flu could land you in hospital. Know what the restrooms are and take a route that you wont get stuck in traffic and if you do you can get around it.  Be careful at restaraunts and stick with tea or water and skip the meal to enjoy yourself.  Bring your own food and tell people your allergic if they dont let you bring in your food.

Good luck. Get that endoscopy. Get some painkillers to help with the conversion from an indoor girl to a normal you. You can get your life back.
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