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Abdominal Pain

About 3 years ago I had a mass removed from my small intestines that they determined looked like Crohns because of the granulomas in the mass. After a time of medication and recovery from surgery I felt great! I began to wonder if I truly did have Crohns and if so if that was the only outbreak I would have to worry about.  There was no other indication of it other than that one area they removed.
I've had a few colonoscopies and endoscopies since then and other than a small ulcer once everything looked good. I had a little reflux for awhile but that seemed to get better too. So I pretty much forgot about things and moved on with life, so to speak.

I've been having symptoms the last 11 days that makes me wonder what it is. I've had pain in my upper left part of my abdomen that feels like a stinging, tender pain. I had x-rays, blood work and a urinalysis that showed nothing out of the ordinary. I had an ultrasound on Monday that looked fine except that I apparently have a "pretty significant" gallstone in my gallbladder that they want to keep an eye on but the doctor doesn't believe that's causing this pain because the gallbladder didn't look inflamed and he said my symptoms were more on the left and the gallbladder is on  the right. My pain is mostly on the upper left side towards the center, near the ribs, but I also feel a little bit on the upper right and some bloating and tenderness, also a "stitch" like feeling. The doctor wants me to next see a GI doctor because of my history.

Could this possibly be a flare up of Crohns? I pray not. :(
I have no other symptoms. BM's are pretty normal. What do you all think this could be?
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