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Anal leakage :(

Hello everyone,

First, im 18 year old dude and i was diagnosed with Crohn's desease 2 years ago. Crohn's changed my life to the worst. Anyways, i started taking humira shots and 6mp pills and  Mesalamine Rectal Suspension which is basicly a white liquid that is ejected inside my lower intestine (attacks the disease) . I also got a fissure which was a result of the crohns and constant leakage. Because of the fissure the doctor told me that i should have a botox injection to relax the mustle and give way for the fissure to heal, but that did not help. And until today i have constant leakage ( dont wanna discust you) which is yellowish liquid. It is extremely annoying and my skin goes sour and if im not mistaking it gives a bad smell. I dont know what to do or how to avoid it, i sometime place a soft tissue under my anal opening to absorb the liquid but i know if i keep doing this, something bad will happen. I really need help, i am tired of this problem, and i dont know what do. If you can help me or have any idea or suggestions please tell me.

Thanks for reading this people, i appreciate it
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