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Another Dr's Opinion?

I called m gastro Dr. and found that celiac disease has been ruled out. Barrets test was done 1 year ago. I have another 2 years to wait on that again. however they did find a very small area that had to be removed. precncerous.

I did find out here, that there are dye scans?...that can detect crohns also. again colonoscopy was ok, but had 1 non cancerous polyp removed last year. I have been prone to polys all my life, and 2 removed that were precancerous. Mom has diverticulitis, and i have lost weight.not much appetite, i do try to eat what i can tolerate.

They say it is ibs but this has been goin gon for over 3 years.

Another professional Dr opinion maybe? or see if there are other tests that can be done. I have no bleeding.

Not meaning to bother a'll but just am discouraged and have to wait until tuesday for more bloodwork.

thanx  much

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Welcome to the Crohn's Community forum where I hope we can give you the support you need.

There is a new MRI scan test for Crohn's which I had last November (for strictures in the small intestine) with a contrast dye (think it was called grandolinium (sp?). Quite painless and no nasty prep like you need to do for colonoscopy.

Have you had an upper GI endoscopy? Crohn's often, but not always, starts in the small intestine, particularly around the terminal ileum (the disease used to be called regional ilietis) and this area cannot be seen on colonoscopy.  Biopsies can be taken on any suspicious areas, to rule Crohn's in or out.

Another cheap and easy test I regularly have is a Calprotectin Stool Assay test. If the level of calprotectin is elevated (norm is 20, mine is often 40+) this indicates inflammation somewhere in the GI tract, but not specifically where. Invasive testing can then be done for a firm diagnosis.

Hope your bloodwork goes well tomorrow and may pinpoint the problem.

Take care,
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Thanx Liz,

It seems as though it may sound like i don't have this, but it surely acts like it. Especially with the moucus, and food triggers, and lower abdomen pain, neusea after eating, and variation in stools, cramping, etc.. We'll see what needs to be done.

I am on an anti-anxiety med, however this does not help when i have flare ups every 2 days.

Thanx again,
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Thanks for your reply.  I currently have issues with nausea, bloating, weight loss, lower abdominal pain etc and having a CT scan this Thursday of pelvis, abdomen,pancreas and liver. then 9th July an upper endoscopy. I have never, in 38 yrs of Crohn's had these symptoms, although had nausea when on FEC chemo for breast cancer. I can't second guess the diagnosis, suspect pancreatitis (as I get radiating pain from my right ribs to the shoulder and neck after eating miniscule food) or the strictures. Guess it could be anything...just want it fixed.

Saw my gastro 2 weeks ago, he prescribed omeprazole twice daily, and up to 8 anti-emtic domperidone daily.   Am eating a tad better and feel slightly less nauseous, but still bloating after eating, and the pain is so bad I have to go lie down and sleep  for a couple of hours. Why does the pain go away when we sleep?

Try and get an upper GI endoscopy, or failing that, a baium follow-through to see if there are any obstructions in the upper GI area.

Take care,
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It is late, I am so tired, had a typo error...should have read "barium".
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