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Belly pain, what is this?

I had a belly pain yesterday morning and it felt like my intestines are trembling inside. I have no diarrhea, fever, or vomiting all I have was the steady pain somewhere in my intestines. I took apple cider vinegar because I thought I was having hyperacidity but the pain did not lessen. I took antacid later that day but after 2 hours, no improvement. I remember that I experienced this kind of pain when I was still 16 years old. I didn't eat on time and I only drink soda to appease my hunger. When I had the belly pain I was taken to a doctor who checked if I have a burst appendix but it turned out I have ulcers. He prescribed a tablet (I can't recall it anymore) to suck on in order to relieve the pain and advised me to eat my meals on time and lessen soda intake. He also told me to drink evaporated milk when the pain attacks again. So what I did last night was drink evaporated milk, and the pain did go away. I decided to research my symptoms here and in other sites. However, what I had was only belly pain, nothing else. Any idea what this maybe?
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