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Bowel issues

Hi guys,
I  wanted to get some opinions. For the last 2-3 weeks I've had some bowel issues. Basically I've been having a lot more bowel movements, anywhere between 2 and 5 a day. Also there's been at least one diharrea (runny) everyday.
Also a few weeks ago I had one and there was quite a bit of blood in it. I brushed it under the carpet bacause it was a one off and i thought it could be any minor issue.

My father has Crohn's disease and I heard it has a genetic link. Does anyone think I should see a doctor about it or could it be anything serious? I've avoided it because the obvious embarrassment of having him look in my arse...

All help is appreciated.

Many thanks,
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Hello. Yes, I think you should definitely go to the doctor pronto. There could be a genetic link. And the fact you see blood is a good reason to go, along with the frequency of the bowel movements. Don't delay. The sooner you get seen, the better your chances for quality care.  Best Wishes.
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Thanks for the advise!
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Did you really need someone to tell you that you need to see a doctor? Really!
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