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Can colonoscopy and endoscopy miss Crohns?

My son has been in severe and constant pain primarily on his RUQ for months.  No test have shown anything abnormal.  He's had ultrasounds, MRI, MRCP, upper GI, endoscopy and colonscopy with nothing to be found.  Can Crohns be missed by these tests?  He had normal biopsies also.
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i have constant dull pain over 5 months+ at exactly RUQ.
at the beginning, they told me  it is liver inflammtion and my liver enzymes were high in fact. later on,  liver inflammation and enzyme levels became normal but still that pain. i have a lot of gas and bloating and pass excess wind. maybe, that is causing the pain. my gastroenterelog was not able to find the problem and says simple it may be ibs. however, i do not think.
my suggestion is try to find good doctors. do not forget that most doctors are really weak in their jobs and/or they simply do not have enough interest. as a result, most of the time  they just wait you to go when  you visit them. this is my observation after many visits to many doctors. most of them are really stupid, believe me!!
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