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Colities or something else

For about a week I have not being well , I have had stomach cramps, pains and nausea and then it progressed to full blown fevers, muscle aches , very tired. I still had the cramps all along while having the fevers. I went to my gp she ordered blood work, all seemed ok, except my crp was 40, iron was 35 and potassium was I don’t she said low. She also ordered a uti. But she said she doesn’t think it’s uti. Gave me antibiotics anyways
Ultrasound showed nothing.
Fast forward to last night, had mild fever, woke up at midnight, I couldn’t stop shaking, I was shaking for about half hour and then I vomited , took myself to the hospital ordered blood work again. My crp went up 42, my neurophilis however u spell it was high and everything else remained the same. They gave me panadole. They were going to give me a ct scan but they opted out their excuse was they didn’t want to expose me to so much radiation if not needed: great ok, so instead he had a feel of my stomach and said there is definitely something going on in my bowels. He put it down as colitis or infection? Can someone please help me out here as I don’t know anything about this. And all I’m thinking is the worst.
I have had no blood stools or mucus in stools. I have no appetite as I’m scared to eat.
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