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Crohn's Diarrhea

i've had crohn's since i was born, it's genetic. i got it from my grandmother. all my life it's been extremely hard for me. i have a severe fear of taking pills (never taken one) so i don't take pill medicaion. the liquid medicine is unbearably nasty and impossible to drink. lately for nearly the entire summer i've had diarrhea. not like solid, but liquid. and i've been so uncomfortable, and cannot sleeep, and i have bloating, fatigue, and abdominal pains. i start school next week aug. 20 what can i do to make this diarrhea go away before i go to school. i couldn't bare the thought of having my explosive diarrhea in the school. which is very small with only one bathroom.
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If you don't control the inflammation you're not going to help the diarrhea much. Things you may  try are Immodium chewables and drinking Metamucil 3 times a day.  You may form better stools, but you're still going to be ill.
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It sounds like you are having a flare up, in which case you should see your doctor.  Most times they put you on some form of steriods for a period of time for the inflamation.  This really helps and sometimes will put you into a remission for awhile.
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The absolutely best thing for controlling diarrhea is zeolite. My second favorite is Sangre de Drago.   Try googling "zeolite pure" and "esdifan".  Also, look up serrapeptase and LDN, low dose naltrexone - not so much for symptom control but for helping with the disease.  You can buy them all online.
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