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Crohn's Disease and Sweet's Syndrome

My husband has been diagnosed with Crohn's Disease for about 13 years now.  He recently has been diagnosed with Sweet's Syndrome.  I would love to talk to a doctor who has some knowledge of the connection between the two diseases.  He has been on Prednisone since March and all of the sores are still not cleared up.  He has one now about the size of a quarter and has eaten through about a 1/3 of an inch of skin.  Will it ever clear up where he does not have these sores?  His dermatologist said it should clear up in about 3 or 4 weeks with the steroid, but it has been almost 4 months now.  Some have cleared up and left scarring, but others just do not want to heal and some just keep getting bigger.  
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Hi - not sure if my experience with Crohn's and Sweet's Syndrome is helpful, as I live in England. Some 5 -6 yrs ago I was wrongly diagnosed with Sweet's Syndrome - the lesions had spread up my nose, across my forehead, and my eyelids were almost closed. My husband tooke me, late at night ,to a specialist Eye Infirmary in Plymouth, Devon. The Consultant Opthalmologist advised I had "herpes simplex" and advised me to see my GP next morning. I did, and he, unbelievably, diagnosed impetigo (I had not been near any children). I was very ill for about 7 days with a fever, chills, muscle pain etc. I had no proper medication, just an anti-histamine.

Sometime later, I saw my then gastroenterology and showed him a photo of the lesions and he (wrongly) diagnosed Sweet's Syndrome. The dermatologist who gave the disease its' name was based at Derriford Hospital, (which is where I am treated for Crohn's and breast cancer) but not sure if he is still alive. If alive, he is retired.

A couple of years later, I had the same symptoms, thought I had Sweet's, and my husband called out the paramedics who admitted me to hospital. My new gastro (who had worked in a leper colong in Africa) took one look at my face and said: "You haven't got Sweet's, you have Erysipelas". Wow!!  I was admitted overnight and next morning saw a Consultant Dermatologist, who biopsied the lesions and my gastro was correct. The treament for Sweet's is not steroids, but a specific antibiotice - I think it was amoxicillin. The attack cleared up much quicker than previously.

Did your husband's Dermatologist do biopsies?  If not, perhaps it may be a good idea to ask for this procedure to make absolutely sure of the diagnosis.

Take care,
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