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Crohn's Disease

Hi Doc,

I m Subhransu, a 36 year old person. I am suffering from Gastrointestinal problems (acidity, sometimes nausea, sense of warmth in chest, diffused abdominal pain). I consulted may Gastroenterologist and continuing their medicines for a long time. Following are the list of medicines

1. Rabeprazole - 20 mg 1 OD
2. Sometine Rabeprazole + Domeperidone comination
3. Creon - 25000  and now creon 10,000
4. Probiotics

UGI endoscopy and colonoscopy were performed no of times but was inconclusive. EUS was done 6 months back and diagnosed with (?) Early chronic pancreatitis (Heterogeneous pancreas). I didn't understand the meaning of (?) in the report. After that doctor advised me Rabeprazole, Creon(Amylase and Lipase) and Probiotics.

Recent blood test shows Amylase as 90 and lipase as 30 with SGOT and SGPT wel within limit.Alkaline phosphatase was also within limit.

In between I had a repeated occurance of microscopic haematuria in my urine. Doctor suggested test for 24 hours protein in urine with albumin/creatinine ratio, urine culture and sensitivity. test results were also within limit. After that doctor advised cystoscopy and it was also normal. Reason for haematuria is still unknown.

After that I undergone an abdominal CT (with oral, IV and rectal contrast). Impression was minimal prostatomegaly and enlarged(6-10 mm) lymph nodes along the ileocolic artery(mesenteric nodes).

After that I was undergone capsular endoscopy. Impression was - multiple small to moderate ulceration all along the small intestine with necrotic bases- likely to be Chron's disease. I m not having any bloody diarrohea, occult blodd in stool came negative, depression is not there in Hb%.

I m having some abdominal diffused pain, recurruing now and often. I have been advised to do double baloon enteroscopy with bospsy of the lession..

I am really in very confused state, not withstahding what to do. I used to smoke 4-5 cigerettes per day.

Please help and guide me.

Medicines continuing


Creon and Pro-biotoics.

Does Chron's lead to any malignancy?

Please help me and guide me what to do? Is there any clear differentiation between Chron's and intestinal tuberculosis?

Waiting for your reply Sir.

With best regards,
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Hi and welcome to the Crohn's  Community Forum.  This forum is not answered by Dr. Pho, but by members with Crohn's disease, or those seeking information on Crohn's.
If you require Dr. Pho to answer your queries, you need to post on the main Gastroenterology forum and pay the $15 fee.  He only takes about 3 questions daily, so you may have to try a few times.

My only advice would be to get your symptoms properly diagnosed: "likely to be Crohn's" is really insufficient for you to get appropriate treatment. As far as I am aware, and I have had intractable Crohn's for 40 yrs, the only definitive method to diagnose Crohn's is by doing a colonoscopy on the large intestine and/or an upper endoscopy of the small intestine and taking biopsies of any suspicious tissue.  I have not heard of "double balloon enteroscopy", but this could just be different semantics in different hospitals/countries. As you have already had a colonoscopy and endoscopy, and I assume biopsies were taken, I don't really understand why the diagnosis was inconclusive.

I am sorry to hear of your multi-factoral problems and hope you get the help you need soon.

Tae care,
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