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Crohns and Aloe vera??

I was diagnosed with Crohns 5 years ago. After high dosage of prednisone and infusions it went away. I thoguht I was home free but 5 years later its back with avengence. Nothing is working. This time its really bad and I feel scared. Doc tells me our next step is remicade, humira etc. After researching I dont feel comfortable with trying any of those. It seems that it may help with the crohns but start a whole new diesease to tackle. My husbands co-worker suggested that I should try aloe vera juice. So I picked up some two days ago. Have been drinking 6 ounces daily since. I feel something is happening....stomach feels quiet. Although I still have the runs but not as much. I hope this is the start of a miracle!! If this helps.....Im planting aloe vera all over my yard!!!!! Since I have been there and know what it is like to go through life with crohns and other realted issues, I would like to give a cyber hug to all who are going through this. Breath through the pain and stay positive. Keep researching and dont be shy to vent. Sometimes help comes from the least expected source! Love You All!!!

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My brother-in-law has Crohn's and a gluten free diet made him 90% better.  Unlike you, he suffers from it all the time.  Maybe something for you to try.  
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My name is bridget
I am 25 years old and have Ulcerative colitus of course Crohn's is its cousin  they are so alike. Let me tell you you are in the right step of healing process ALOE VERA?  I have herd good things about it. it helps ease pain bloating, bleeding inflammation in the rectum. Its a natural medicine sent frm god. I truly beleive in natural remedies cause Im sick of medicine like asacol, Colazol, predisone they just worsen your symptoms.

I have been off them for 1 years now and use natural herb remedies like aloe vera frm forever living also fenugreek and organic probiotics. Fenugreek is a natural herb plant  frm india that helps with gastrointestinal disorders I drink that everyday before foods early morenings. I discovered it through a Chinese doctor that studied natural medicine and herbs frm china for many years.  Let me say that I feel great they are miracle workers..

The best of luck to you

The start of a miracle will end up a miracle!  
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Thank you for the reply. I'm willing to try anything which is not toxic to my health. I have heard about gluten free diet. Maybe I will go ahead and try it along with aloe vera juice. Thanks :)
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Thank you for the reply. I'm so happy for you! I cant wait to feel better again soon! Aloe vera has made me 60% better in one week. It has cut down my bathroom visits to half. The pain has calmed down a little. After this Im headed out to find me some gluten free eats and fenugreek.  I appreciate your help and support :) Thanks!
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Went shopping over the weekend and found this herbal tea. Its called Mothers milk. Its made with fenugreek seeds! Although I felt wierd buying something which is for healthy lactation(since Im not nursing), I want to get the other benefits from fenugreek seeds. Straight up fenugreek tea was too bitter but this one is little mild and Im able to consume it better. Im still continuing the aloe vera regimen. It has helped a great deal and I hope this tea will help finish the job. Staying hopeful :)
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Hi guys
I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis last year and im having a terrible time of it at the moment.  Steroids worked but doctors have taken me off them as they say i am too young to go on them full time.  I am 32.   I have heard lots of good things about aloe vera.  Should i buy an aloe vera drink or capsules?

Many thanks
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I was diagnosed with UC 2 years ago, and I have been on steroids almost just as long.  I am younger than you are, now 25, but started them when I was 23.  If the steriods work I would stay on them until you get your UC under control.  

At one point I used aloe vera, and it just made things worse.  I told me dr I was taking it and she said that it causes you to go to the bathroom, that is how it "cleanses" your body.  So i stopped it.  

There are other medications out there for UC, have you tried 6MP or Imuran, they are pills?  Personally, it had side effects, but everyone else I have talked to, or read about, especially on this site, has had amazing results with it.  If you are not on steriods right now, it would be a good time to try it so you would not have to be taken off of them again.  Other medications that I have heard that have worked well for other people are Humiera and Remicade.  The last to are a self injection, and an infusion, respectively.  
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Hey Cheekecharlie! I have been taking aloe vera juice. I have heard about the capsules but havent tried them. I was thinking to get some but the juice has completely turned my life around in a month! Im all better and feel great at this point.  If you are taking any mesalmine (Lialda etc) tablets....I would suggest you keep taking them too. I drink the juice first thing in the morning and with dinner and one small dose right before bed. About 3 ounces at AM and 3 ounces with dinner and 2 ounces before bed.

Good luck!
Hi surpisinglife, can you tell me which brand you use?  I assume you are a Crohn's patient?  I like the regiment 3-3-2.  Not a lot but spread out and right before bed, seems smart!  I've had Crohn's for 37 years and had a surgery less than a year ago.   No medicines, just supplements such as Turmeric, Vit D, Fish Oil, CBD Oil...still bathroom about 4 times a day.  Looking for help.  Thanks.
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I been dx with crohns disease but I won't take any medication because I feel great drinking aloe vera every morning just blend with honey and lemon you will see is a miracle...
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I've been taking AMP (Aloe Muciaginous Polysaccarides) for ten months.
I have had incredible success in gaining remission from crohn's.
I now lead a normal life free of the hell crohn's put me through.
Great not to have the awful side affects of steroids,methotrexate,6mp.
AMP is the healing molecules which is extracted from Aloe(my understanding).
I came across it on you tube when i viewed a testimonial by a girl in the US (Jennifer)
& a guy in the UK (keith).
It wasn't cheap when i started but i now take 3 capsules p/d its reasonable.
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ALL OF YOU STAY AWAY FROM THE ALOE VERA ESPECIALLY ANYONE ALLERGIC TO LATEX!!  Latex: The most serious difficulties encountered with aloe latex occur at higher than recommended doses or when used for more than a few days.  This laxative herb causes the loss of potassium and other minerals, which over time can result in a loss of muscle tone of the intestine and diminished effectiveness. Frequent use may cause irreversible damage.  Large doses of aloe have caused bloody diarrhea, kidney damage, and even death.  The urine may take on a reddish color after taking aloe latex. This color is harmless; however, with the possibility of kidney damage from large doses or prolonged use, any persistent color in the urine may call for medical diagnosis.  Aloe gel is LIKELY SAFE when applied to the skin and POSSIBLY SAFE when taken by mouth in adults. Once in a while aloe gel might cause burning and itching of the skin.

Taking aloe latex is POSSIBLY UNSAFE at any dose, but LIKELY UNSAFE when taken in high doses. Aloe latex can cause some side effects such as stomach pain and cramps. Long-term use of large amounts of aloe latex might cause diarrhea, kidney problems, blood in the urine, low potassium, muscle weakness, weight loss, and heart disturbances. Taking aloe latex 1 gram per day for several days can be fatal.

There have been a few reports of liver problems in some people who have taken an aloe leaf extract; however, this is uncommon. It is thought to only occur in people who are extra sensitive (hypersensitive) to aloe.
Special Precautions & Warnings:
Pregnancy or breast-feeding: Aloe -- either gel or latex -- is POSSIBLY UNSAFE when taken by mouth. There is a report that aloe was associated with miscarriage. It could also be a risk for birth defects. Do not take aloe by mouth if you are pregnant or breast-feeding.

Children: Aloe is POSSIBLY UNSAFE for children when taken by mouth. Children younger than 12 years old may experience abdominal pain, cramps, and diarrhea.

Diabetes: Some research suggests aloe might lower blood sugar. If you take aloe by mouth and you have diabetes, monitor your blood sugar levels closely.

Intestinal conditions such as Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, or obstruction: Do not take aloe latex if you have any of these conditions. Aloe latex is a bowel irritant. Remember, products made from whole aloe leaves will contain some aloe latex.

Hemorrhoids: Do not take aloe latex if you have hemorrhoids. It could make the condition worse. Remember, products made from whole aloe leaves will contain some aloe latex.

Kidney problems: High doses of aloe latex have been linked to kidney failure and other serious conditions.

Surgery: Aloe might affect blood sugar levels and could interfere with blood sugar control during and after surgery. Stop taking aloe at least 2 weeks before a scheduled surgery.  Applying aloe vera gel is considered safe, but consuming unprocessed juice extracted from the latex can cause several side effects leading to major health risks. Some of the side effects of aloe vera juice are:

1. Aloe vera juice contains a substance called anthraquinone, a laxative, which can cause diarrhea if taken in large amounts. Severe diarrhea can cause pain, cramps and dehydration.

2. Consult your doctor before consuming aloe vera juice, especially if you’re undergoing a medical treatment or taking prescribed drugs, as the juice may cause adverse reactions when consumed along with few medicines. Laxative in aloe vera may even inhibit the absorption of some drugs in the body. Aloe vera juice also reacts to herbs like jalap roots, castor oil, rhubarb root and bark root, causing dehydration and diarrhea. Fenugreek and garlic do not digest well with aloe juice; it can lower blood sugar and potassium levels in the body.  3. Drinking aloe vera juice can result in allergic reactions like skin rash or hives, itchy or swollen skin, difficulty in breathing, chest pain and throat irritation.  

4. Aloe vera juice contains latex, an ingredient which has many health risks associated with it. It can aggravate health problems like colitis, Crohn’s disease, appendicitis, diverticulosis, intestinal obstruction, hemorrhoid, stomach pains and ulcers. There are also reports which suggest of hepatitis caused by consumption of aloe vera juice, becoming a cause of concern for people with liver problems.

5. Pregnant and lactating women are strictly forbidden from consuming aloe vera juice, due to its purgative and irritant qualities. It may stimulate uterine contractions in pregnant women, leading to miscarriage and birth defects. Lactating women should also refrain from consuming aloe vera juice, as it contains anthraquinone which may lead to diarrhea. It is also considered unsafe for children below 12 years of age.  6. People, who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome and gastrointestinal problem, should not drink aloe vera juice, as it contains high amount of laxatives which can increase the severity of the problem.  7. Drinking unprocessed aloe vera juice can cause dehydration and electrolyte imbalance in the body. It also changes urine color to pink or red in color.

8. Consumption of aloe vera juice can lead the body to produce excessive amounts of adrenaline, which can be harmful for people suffering from heart conditions. It can also lower potassium levels in the body, causing irregular heartbeats, weakness and soft muscles. Hence, it is not recommended for children and elderly people.

9. Consuming aloe vera juice, for more than a year can cause pseudomelanosis coli, a condition which increases the risk of colorectal cancer. There are even possibilities of developing carcinogenic risk if consumed in high amounts.

10. Aloe vera juice helps to lower blood sugar levels by decreasing insulin resistance in the body. Thus, people who are undergoing treatment for hypoglycemia or diabetes should consult their physician before consuming aloe vera juice.  11. Overdose of aloe vera juice can cause blood build-up in the pelvis, which leads to kidney damage.

12. Prolonged usage of aloe vera juice can increase the risk of constipation. Also, intake of aloe latex can cause depletion of the potassium from the cells of the intestinal lining.

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I too have Crohn's Disease. I've had it for 16 years. I went from the mildest case my Gastroenterologist has ever seen to, in his words, become his problem child. I have been on all the pills including Entocort with a daily Folic Acid. Crohn's affects everyone differently so the treatments do as well. Unfortunately the treatments only work for a finite amount of time. Your body will start to resist them. Do your research. Talk to your Gastroenterologist. If you aren't being managed by one I strongly suggest going to see one. I have been on most of the biologics such as, Humira, Cimzia, Remicade. They do lower your immune system so you need to avoid people who are sick. There are side affects but they are minimal compared to the side affects of Crohn's. The best advice I could give is to watch what you eat, make a good diary of what you eat and when and how it makes you feel, also include how it affects your bowel movements. Write down if they are loose or hard, watery, what color it is, if there is an unusually foul smell, or if you notice any blood. Share this information with your doctor. Talk to a nutritionist to help with planning meals to get your vitamins. Hard thing to do when a person has Crohn's. Try to stay regular when it comes to your bowel movements. The more fibrous the food is will cause pain and constipation. Try to avoid nuts, fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains and dairy since lactose intolerance goes hand in hand with Crohn's. Don't let people convince you to try the latest fads around colon cleansing and probiotics. Always consult your doctor first and I can't stress this enough do your research. Get your rest. Drink lots of water. Limit anything with caffeine. Join a support group. If there aren't any in your area there are several groups on Facebook. Tell them what you deal with. They, like me, will gladly try to help you. We've all been there. We don't want to see others make mistakes if we can help it. Crohn's does not have a cure. It can and will come back. The best we can pray for us to be in remission and symptom free. This is a disease you must be mindful of for the rest of your life. Left untreated it will get worse. Take care and good luck. If you want to talk to me or ask me questions I am on Facebook as Lori Spurgeon from Ottumwa, Iowa. Just send me a message to remind me it's you so I will make sure to add you on my friends list.
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The core of the problem is autoimmune, our immune keep atacking our body causes Ulcerative colitis or Crohn. I got UC.
Before my immune attacked knees joint, ankylosing spondilitis. I went to doctor but seems helpless because they kept trying to heal my joint. The problem is the auto immune. It happened 10 years ago. Until I found mangosteen skin juice named xamthone (indonesia is my country) it helped a lot to control my immune and my joint healed by itself.
I back to normal life and skip drinking xamthone mangosteen skin juice.
3 months ago I got hemorrhoid and fistula, hurt so bad! I went to doctor and he heal me with 9 injection everyweek to my hemorrhoid and fistula, but he found there are puses in my colon and giving me antibiotics levaquin for 7 days if pus isnt gone yet he asked me to do endoscopy.
Im so afraid what happened to me since I felt better after my hemorrhoid cure. Then I start search the internet and found that I got ulcerative colitis caused by auto immune.
I start to drink that mangosteen juice anymore and feel better.
Autoimmune causes UC, UC causes hemorrhoid and fistula
Before i
Autoimmune causes joint disease ankilosing spondilitis
So we need to control our immune and mangosteen skin juice help me (God Jesus showed me)
I searched a lot and found that cabbage also helped.
Some aloevera helped too..

Control the autoimmune first!
Go chek the diseases that caused by autoimmune.

Hope it helps,
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