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Crohn's and Candidiasis

Has anyone effected an improvement or a remission of Crohn's disease by being treated for candidiasis? There have been cases of Crohn's, IBS, and colon cancer in my family. Any information is appreciated.
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Colon cancer is a DIRECT result of the inflamation there in the colon.......I read a research paper several years ago about how high colon cancer incidence was in people with IBD.    It was a big percentage getting colon cancer so START drinking decaf coffee, Taking large amounts of vitamin K2 and consider tocotrienols.....just google these 3 things individually and cancer to be  amazed.

If one has inflamation of the colon caused by some bug that shouldn't be in the colon, then getting rid of the bug would cure it.......But Crohn's is a problem with the Immune system gone amuck.  why?   who knows.   could be a problem with the neurons in the colon..........supplementing with magnesium 400mg, b-vitamins take 3 B-100 daily, vitamin k2 take some 400mcg or more daily, vitamin c take 4 grms of time release, and vitamin e should help with health.

To help with inflammation, take 6 Odor controlled garlic 500 mg capsule DAILY from swansonvitamins.

DO RESEARCH on LDN and Crohn's and ask doctor about it, but go to doctor prepared with printed research on effectiveness of LDN...http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Low-dose_naltrexone


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You are vey kind to provide me with so much information and I will look into LDN. However it does not answer my question about candidiasis. I ask particularly because, although I am not particularly subject to ailments of the digestive system, I did have candidiasis and, in curing it, cleared up an incidental problem with my digestion.

My husband has serious IBS and I decided to assume it was related to candidiasis (since IBS often is) and treated him accordingly. It is still early days but he appears to be improving. A grandson has Crohn's, so I am looking for more information vis-a-vis candidiasis.

Again, many thanks.
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Candidiasis is caused by a Yeast that lives in the vagina so your husband would NOT have this infection there in my opinion.    If he got candidiasis from you, then it would be on the parts of his body that came in contact with the yeast infection that you had..

I have done what doctors CAN NOT DO which is cure Proctitis, and this is an inflammation of the lower colon due to the immune system attacking that area.   Before I came down with Proctitis, I had something similar to IBS or maybe it was IBS:   I would go with my wife every Saturday and eat at our favorite Chinese restaurant which gave me about 30 minutes to get home to get on the comode and let it all out.  I would drink bottles of Pepto Bismol to get over this terrible diahrea that was ROBBING my body of the much needed micro nutrients to maintain the Neuronal function:    Magnesium, Niacinamide, GARLIC, vitamin K2, B-100,
vitamin e, vitamin c.....

Does your husband have Cramps especially in his calf muscle at night?
Does he have trouble sleeping?
Does he seem irritable and easily angered?
Is his blood pressure high?
Is his heart rate fast?
Is he pre-diabetic or diabetic?
.............................................THESE ARE ALL SYMPTOMS OF Magnesium deficiency caused by the diahrea and poor diet.   These supplements will in my opinion fix the GI tract and many other health problems that you or your husband may want to Prevent or fix.  

To get an idea of how good these nutrients are for your body google "vitamin K2 Parkinson's",  "vitamin K2 cancer", "vitamin K2 arterial calcification".........Or go to wikipedia and search "vitamin k" or "vitamin c" and lastly search "Atherosclerosis" on wikipedia.

Say your husband has high blood pressure:   Magnesium lowers it and so does 4 grams or more of vitamin c.   just make sure to get time-release or buffered vitamin c...........The dosages of the supplements in the previous post cured my Proctitis which your husband does not want to have because Diahrea does not involve pain.    Proctitis is like having a baby every time you use the bathroom dispite the stools being runny and mucus like.    The inflammation got so bad that I could barely get a preparation H suppository in me which got me to go get a colonoscopy to find out what my problem was.

google:   "vitamin k2 pancreatic cancer"   get this supplement if you are scared of cancer!
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I am afraid you are misinformed concerning Candida albicans. It starts life as a yeast and is seen mostly as thrush or a vaginal infection. However, under favorable conditions (favorable to candida, that is) it evolves into its fungal form and can become a very dangerous pathogen able to spread throughout the body. Involvement in the lungs, as an example, has a high mortality.

Because one of my sons-in-law and myself have had serious cases of systemic candidiasis I have done much research on the subject. I note that not much attention is given to fungi in general, and Candida albicans in particular. The so-caled cures; i.e., fungicides, are not cures at all. If they work at all, the effect is temporary, and there are many side effects. So one has to resort to other forms of treatment. We have done this quite successfully, at least so far.

My interest at this juncture is in finding out if candidiasis has been diagnosed in any of the membership suffering from IBS, Crohn's or ulcerative colitis and, if so, what treatment was employed
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By the way, your replies are off subject.
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Unfortunately you did not understand my question, or attempt to answer it Since you are ignorant on the subject of candidiasis, I have no idea why you replied in the first place. In spite of your liabilities, I was polite to you. You instead are rude.
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... and extremely opinionated.
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Hi, I have had Crohns for 3 years now, and it has only gotten worse. Western medicine has only made matter worse and so now im going to fight this in a natural and hollistic way. Tomorrow is the start of my journey which i am expecting to take up to at least 18 months to heal. I believe Candida is playing a major role in all the symptoms i showed however when i brought this up with my gastroenterologist she just rolled her eyes. I would love to hear any news or progress you have about your husband or even your story with clearing up Candida.
I hope you are in good health :)
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I think alternative medicine is the only medicine for this type of chronic ailment. I was just about to contact an alternative MD (whom I have known for years) to see what can be done to alleviate our problems. If I have any news I will get in touch with you.
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