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Crohn's disease and back pain?

Before I was diagnosed with Crohn's colitis in 2005, I was experiencing alot of back pain which made it so I couldn't move around and I had never ever been in so much pain before! One day I was sunning and I couldn't get up! No matter which way I would try to help myself up I couldn't get up by myself. My husband had to lift me up to help me. This was the first thing that started happening to me before I started to get really sick with fevers, vomiting, diarhea, etc........
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Hm, nobody out there have any input for me?
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I hope all is well for you, I know a young person with crhon's. Its horrible. What is remicade? Is that RA meds?
My daughter just moved to KY from WV. Beautiful down there!
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I've had crohn's 30 yrs. Back pain has been my symptom on occasions.  It's sorta like back pain with child labor if you've had children.  Recently I've had lower back pain  that feels almost like I strained my back.  It comes and goes.  Does any crampy feeling wrap around your side with the back pain?
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i have crohns to i have had it for 14 years im, like you i have bad..... back pain i went to the dr and she said that i colud not take any thing for it but tylenol. other drugs has inflammtorys in them.she said that that will make the crohns flarup.then i ask for pain pills and she said i didnt need to take them. i dont no what to do about al thatsome dr.s] i hurt all the time if you would like to email me you can i would like to talk to someone  that has crohns to it is ginger_potter***@****   ty, your frined ginger
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ok lets try this for the email     ***@****
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ok    heath61468                   @                                                              yahoo.       com
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Hi KentuckyBeMommaw,
Before I was diagnosed I had the same problems. Even to the extent of not being able to move after lying down. I don't know if its connected to crohns e but I do know I had the same problems your describing. Now its been a couple of years and I still have a tough time with my back but nothing like before. I also have a lot of joint pain! That I am still trying to figure out what to do with. I haven't found any meds that work well for me and I don't want to go back on steroids. My recent flair up the dr. suggested steroids again but I chose to treat each complaint individually that is working for me so far. (except for the joint pain). Have you heard any more about a connection between the two?
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Ive only be diagnosed with crohns for a year now but I'm sure ive had it for years. I only have crohns in my small intestine and I only get pain in the low right side of my back. Almost like kidney pain. But I am postive it has to do with my crohns because it only happens when I have flares.
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iam only 27 i recently was diagnosed with crohnes after along few years first it was my gal bladder removed it. nope now a year ago they diagnosed me with endometerosus. and sence then my doctors just kept sayin it was that that was causing my lower back pain and abdomin i stay in so much pain.and have several doctors for every little thing. i also have gerd and lactos intolerant. i know im young but it just seems like no one wanted to listin to me. i have been in and out of the emergency room. they have me on a few different meds that i see no difference in. they actully biopsied when they did my colonoscopy in november and it came back negative for crohnes but then i had to swallow a little capsel thats a camera to see inside my small intestines. and he showed me the pictures and said they were ulcers in my intestines but never offer meds for pain i finally asked for tramadole witch is useually used for fibermialga but it seems to help. but doctors apparently dont like to give pain meds but for people that have these kinda problems it should be necesary for all the people that abuse it now we cant even feel comfortable to ask i was so afraid to ask. people shouldnt be in that kinda pain. but my doctor said that its only 80% right he says hes possitive its crones. i also had a doctor tell me because i was bipolar he couldnt give me pain meds. because they have they tendency to be addictive/ i tell u i have seen a few doctors. i have no faith in them. i now go april 1st for a full hystarectamy because they think the pain  again is from my endometerosis.. i hope i have had several test and scops and surgerys and now they think because i have crohnes that its gonna complicate surgery there hopeing it will be in remission what ever thats suppose to mean. i dont have flairs my pain never goes away for a year a half now. im hopeing this does help cross my fingers.
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GO TO A CHIROPRACTOR! DO NOT START WITH PAIN MEDS!! I have had Ulcerative Colitis since I was 18, 12 years now, and have been through every med available.  Two weeks ago I had the most severe back pain ever and did not want to go to my regular doctor for pain medication.  There had to be something better than being on pain medication.  I was told by several friends to see a chiroprator.  THIS WAS THE BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE!  I have been seeing a chiropractor for the last 3 weeks for my lower back pain, but I have noticed tremendous relief with my ulcerative colitis which was unexpected.  I had always had discomfort in my lower back especially on my right side, like a pinched nerve feeling which made it very difficult to sleep on that side or even sit.  The pain I felt prior to going to the chiropractor was that same pinched nerve feeling put right in the middle of my lower back which effected both sides of my body.  After the x-rays my chiropractor took, I was shocked!  There was a twist in my lower back that veered to the right (where all the pain of my colitis is located!)  I have been pain free since my adjustments and am on a 10 week fix plan.  Everything in our body is linked to our spine, that is where all our nerves control other parts of our body.  I never would have put two and two together, but it has brought tremendous relief to me that I could never have imagined!  Remember: You have nothing to lose by going to the chiropractor first.  Surgeries and Pain meds will stay with you for a lifetime!  Those should be your VERY LAST options!
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I have had the disease for two years now and I have only had about 10 days where I haven't had pain in my back legs knees shoulders and my abdomen without taking any meds. I was taking 16 pills a day to clam down the back pain along with my burning sensation in my abdomen. Finally I took Tramodol and that saved my life. If I don't take it when I get up the pain in my back, abdomen, pelvis and knees kills me. I work in surgery and I have to walk and stand on really hard floors so that doesn't help at all. I hate waking up in the morning with a burning sensation in my abdomen and the pain and weakness I occur when I sleep for more than 5 hours at a time. I went to a chiropractor and he really really screwed up my back. He hurt me more than I could imagine. So I started to go and get a message once a week and that helps a lot with my lower back pain. I have been on pentasa for the last 2 years and I think my body has become acustomed to the dosage and I have had 5 flair ups since January. I just got off a 3 month course of steroids and I felt wonderful for about 1 month now I'm back to the back pain, joint pain, the bloating abdomen pain and flair ups! I hate it. My Crohns doctor is best friends with my husband and he still can't help me. I think its a wicked disease that no one really understands and if you don't have it you don't really understand the pain that is involved with crohns. I have to live on Tramodol or else I'm in constant pain. I have to go off the tramodol for periods of times so I don't get addicted to it. And its those times I hate even moving! I hope my story can help those who have had these problems with Crohns. I don't think anyone will find a cure as of yet but time will come and maybe there will be light at the end of the tunnel. For now I take pain meds to help with the pain if I don't take them my life is pretty hard.
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Hey All,

My name is Steve.... I have been diagnosed with Crohns about 14 years ago.   Didnt have insurance so let it get really bad.  Had 8-12 bowel mvmnts a day and thought I was in remission.  How stupid of me.  Got married... got insured... went to see one of the best Gastro's in Chicago.  He asked how I was feeling.  I told him everything and he said I was crazy.  He scoped me and my CR is very inflamed.  Put me on Prednisone for 2 months and Imuran indeffinatly.  I went from 8-12 BM to 1-2 (talk about stupid ha?)  Feeling great, but had to go back for another colonoscopy.  I was positive everything was peachy-dory.  Doc comes out says I am still inflamed and have strictures (intestine thickening and slowly closing).  So now he prescribes Humira... I FREAK OUT. He is bringing out the big guns.  I now find out that my insurance doesn't cover it AT ALL.  My doctor who works in a University setting and is the Founder of the Illinois IBD Society is PISSED.  Meanwhile puts me on Entocort.  Everything is still great only now I can't sleep.  I figured probably just nervous about all the new drugs.  After sleeping about 5 hours in 4 days I gave up and called the Doc.  He lowers my Entocort and prescribes antiaxiety (xanax-like) meds.  I started sleeping better.  Slowly coming off Entocort, and still not understanding why I am going through all of this when I am feeling just fine. (My wife is a resident and explained that I need to do what the Doc says).  I get a message on my cell about 3 weeks ago from my Gastro doc (can we just agree that this doc is amazing) saying that he just got back from a meeting and met an executive from Abbott labs who said I maybe eligible for an assistance program.  I fill out a ton of forms, answer a bunch of questions and found out I am getting Humira for a year for free.  Starting in a week.  Now I am starting to freak out about Humira....... SO..... Any suggestions on how to keep my Immune system working???

I hope all you guys who are doing well keep well and those of you who are suffering to get better.
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