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Crohn’s possible misdiagnosis

So to begin, when I was 20 years old I started having RLQ pain for about two months before going to the hospital to get evaluated. At first they thought it was appendicitis. CT came back and advised appendix could not be seen very well due to inflammation. So I stay at the hospital for the next 5 days on iv antibiotics to lower inflammation. They release me and schedule another CT in 2 months. Gastroenterologist takes my case and we do a colonoscopy. Which leads to a diagnosis of crohns . I get first round of entyvio infusion. And one week before the next CT. I start having sudden severe RLQ pain. So I am back at the hospital this time they decide to go ahead and remove appendix. Surgeon notes advise appendix ruptured and encapsulated it self, appendix was measured to be more then double the normal size. Surgeon also noted that no signs of crohns disease was seen. One week post surgery I am home and symptom free ever since. But my doctor wants to continue entyvio infusion I have been on entyvio for 1 1/2 years. Could she had misdiagnosed my crohns. I really don’t want to stay on entyvio if I possibly don’t have it.
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I don't have your answer, sorry - but, can you get a second opinion bringing the new GI all the facts?  And, I can't blame you for not wanting to stay on one of those drugs, if you don't truly need to.  My son, who does have severe IBD - UC that would bleed him out in 3 weeks - only got worse on Entivyo.  But, they still talked us into keeping him on it for 7 months (mistake).  We exhaused all the meds - his colon is out now.
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