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I am a crohns patient at UPenn.  I have had excellent care in and out of the hospital.  I am looking to try and diversify my low fiber diet.  What has worked for everyone?  I am on bowel rest at least one week a month, the rest of the month I am on a very low fiber diet.  
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i know it's been a while since you posted this, but in case you're still wondering, i have a couple of suggestions that don't seem to aggravate me as much as other foods ( i have had ulcerative colitis since 2001) :

best foods for me:

avocados - taste great and are smooth and relatively easy to digest.
salmon (steamed/baked) ... that fish oil does great things for me
steamed zucchini or carrots

plain white rice with any of the above (although some say you should avoid any kind of grain, this one doesn't seem to aggravate too much)

good luck and hope you're feeling better
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Avoid anything with seeds in them........avoid nuts........avoid junk food especially Chinese Food, avoid celery and gassy foods like brown beans......avoid anything with a skin on them....weiners, sausages, etc.....and really watch out for fatty foods of any kind.......and avoid sugars and sugary foods....especially store bought ones...
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i have had colitis for the past 8 months and have had lot of trouble with my bowels and bleeding etc..   but just recently i have been eating only ensure meal replacement shakes, lots of water, apple sauce and other fruit sauces, tuna, and  chicken (even kfc) no dairy at all  and no fruits with skins and well i can't wait to be able o eat regularly again but in just a few days of this diet i have seen and felt tremendous improvement, the blood has stopped and i am begining to have normal bowel movements.

good luck  and i hope this helps.
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