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Diverticulitus, h pylori, irritable bowel

My tests for h pylori kept coming back negative. I an in severe pain in right side, feels like my kidneys are spasming. I was releasing "slime" out of my bowels until I had nothing left, they did another h pylori test and it was positive. For 3 months I've been dealing with this. For 2 days I'll feel almost zero pain and then bamm it hits full force, pain, gurgling etc. Im at a loss as to what I can and can't eat. I've tried everything. I am taking probiotics, eating activia, taking antibiotics. I just don't know what to do. Drs blow me off and say we don't know what to tell you. They scheduled a colonoscopy for over a month away. I had an upper Gi, came back fine. My intestines are so raw, I can feel every single bowel movement going all the way through. I feel like im going mad, ive lost 21 pounds in 2 months. Drs have done nothing! Just tell me to take probiotucs. They said I had diverticulitus, which now has gone away per ct scan. They say everything is normal now, yet nothing has changed for me. Im praying i get relief soon. The pain in my side is so unbearable, I wish I was dead. Living like this is not going to work. Im so tired of them telling me in fine when they don't know, they haven't looked at my intestines. Can I go another month like this?? I feel so bad for my family.  
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