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Do you all get Acid Reflux with the Crohns?

Is this a part of having Crohns or is it separate? I have really bad heartburn and acid reflux, I guess. Lately, it's been really bad. The day before, it was so bad that I decided to not eat anything most of the day yesterday to see if that would help. I just had some tea in the morning then didn't eat all day till evening I had some chicken soup and saltine crackers. I was trying to find something that would be easy to digest. It didn't work. All day I could feel that "something in my throat" feeling like stuff was backed up. This morning I still feel it and I have yet to have breakfast. Is this acid reflux, do you all know? Is this related to the Crohns? It's driving me crazy!
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Im stil trying to find out what is wrong with me m8, my symptoms are on my thread on here aswell.
the last 2 days ive had alot of heartburn, getting it as i type this..
could you have a look at my thread c if you couuld help there aswell????

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inpain, I did look at your post and I don't know what to tell you. I'm sorry. I don't know what's going on in your case. I hope you find out soon and can get some relief soon, though!
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Just today I noticed a sore throat. I wonder if that's connected? I feel like things are getting worse and I'm not going to be able to get in to be seen by a GI doctor for some time.
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Yes it could be related to your Crohn's. I was diagnosed with erosive esophagitis at the same time as Crohn's. Crohn's can affect areas anywhere along your GI tract. You really should see your GI doctor about those symptoms.
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For the past two weeks I have severe stomach (not abs) cramping. It is usually followed with diarhea. It can last from 2-3 hours and I have it at least once a day. Usually during the night or early morning. Hurts so much all I can do is lay down. I have all the symptoms of an ulcer, but I was told by my Dr. that if it was a stomach ulcer, it would be higher up. She gave me something to take for ulcers and I'm going to try it. I don't know what else it could be! I do notice when I take TUMS or drink milk, it does help make the pain go away. I do have a dull ache on the left side in the ab area when my tummy isn't hurting anymore. Anyhow, Just thought I'd post this in case anyone has any idea.
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An update: I am no longer having the diarrhea or cramping since I'm on the ulcer medicine. I do still have this dull sensation on the top left ab area. Hoping it goes away in time. It's no longer painful, but annoying.
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