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Does this sound like Crohn's?

Hi everyone. I just wanted an opinion if possible?
Basically i suffer from severe health anxiety and about 4 years ago i was worried about bowel cancer after having an episode of "soft" stools on a morning. I went to three doctors who all said anxiety based - there were no other symptoms and they refused any further tests. I then went private and (although i am ashamed to admit it) exaggerated my symptoms to the GI specialist who in the end agreed to do a colonoscopy. The test showed a few aphthous ulcers in the terminal ileum which led the doctor to suggest "probable segmental Crohn's" However, the biopsy results showed non specific inflammation (not Crohn's) and all blood test including CRP markers were normal. Since then i have been completely fine - no pain, no diarrhea, no weight loss etc. The only problem i have is every time my bowels are slightly off - maybe from a night of drinking or a stomach bug my mind instantly jumps to Crohn's and then my bowel habits are on my mind continuously which seems to make things worse. Even then though (during high anxiety) i only seem to have one soft bowel movement on a morning and nothing at all the rest of the day. My logical brain can't comprehend that this is Crohn's but my health anxiety will not let it go. Anyone with any advice - are aphthous ulcers alone diagnostic of Crohn's - please bear in mind that any normal person (without health anxiety) would not have had the colonoscopy in the first place and nothing has happened in the 4 years since that would've required this tes.

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