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Elevated uric acid & beta 2 microglobulin

Have any of you had elevated uric acid and/or beta 2 microglobulin levels while taking Remicade?  Did you have any symptoms associated with the elevated levels?

Hot Flashes
Anxiety (Night Panic)
Toe & Finger Pain
Severe Itching
Upper Back Pain
Dry Mouth & Dehydration

I take Remicade for Crohn's.  My B2M was 2.35 and my uric acid was 7.0.  The rest of my blood tests are all normal except for Low Ferritin (20) and Low Iron Saturation (15%).  Abdominal CT, MRCP & colonoscopy were all normal except for a gallstone and mild inflammation in the descending colon.  My doctor is testing LDH to rule out Lymphoma and other testing related to low functioning pituitary.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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