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Fistula Surgery??

I was wondering if anyone here has had surgery to close a fistula? I had an abscess a month ago, and it led to a fistula that would not heal. So, I have elected to have the surgery, to get the quality of life back I deserve, as I am a otherwise healthy, active young mother of 2. I am nervous, since I have never had surgery. I don't know what to expect, or how long to expect for a recovery. I have done plenty of research online, and was told by my surgeon to STOP, because it will only lead me to worry more. I first need an MRI and then will be seen by a colorectal surgeon specialist, who will likely preform the surgery.
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Yes, i had bowel resection and 2 fistula repairs.  Mine was cause by chrons and were from the small intestine to the bladder and large intestine.  Everything went great.
Where is the fistula from and to?
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I believe, from my anal canal to the surface of my skin, about 2 inches from the opening of my anus. I still have not been tested for Chrons yet, but I am sure they will test me before the surgery. Thank you!
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I am also the very active mother of 2 young boys.  I had a horrible labor with my first son, forceps delivery, tore front to back. I developed a fistula that went from my perineal area into the anal canal.  I had a sphincteroplasty which worked to help my sphincter muscle control but the fistula was still there.  I then had a two other surgeries including fibrin glue and a reconstructive surgeon came and closed the fisutla... supposedly.  Two years later after the birth of my second son (C-Section), I developed an abscess which came from another (or the same) fistula.  I just recently had a seton put in to let the tract become more defined, drain and reduce chances of infection.  The next step is in 3 months when I will have a flap repair which I have read the chances for success are about 50/50.  I am nervous about what this means.  I hope the flap surgery is successful and I am finally rid of this.  Make sure you are going to an experienced colorectal surgeon and if you get a bad feeling, find another one.  My first experience with my first surgeon was horrible!  This one is worlds better.  Good luck.  :)  I will try to post after my flap repair.
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had fistula repair done a few months ago.  the connection was from large intestine to bladder i was passing air and fecal matter into my intestine causing a bladder infection for two months until they found out what was going on.  in hospital for 10 days for bladder and intestinal repair 4 hour surgery 14 inch incision 8 week recovery to about 90 percent.  abdominal surgery is a long recovery. like you never had surgery before. family and friends offered much appreciated support. pain management meds were excellant worst part was them getting an iv started 4 times in the emergency room.  important do not refuse an epidermal you won't regret it.
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I am about to have flap surgery to correct a fistula.  I first have to have a temp colostomy.  Any advise or information would be greatly appreciated.
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