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How I resolve my IBD & IBS

My last 13 years had been spent searching exhaustively for a cure for colorectal inflammation and frequent bowel movements in the morning.

I believe the remedies I am now using effectively may be appropriate for general intestinal disorders, so I am posting on this Crohn's Disease / Ulcerative Colitis forum.

Anyway, there is a theory that chronic intestinal disorders are autoimmune diseases - the body's defensive system attacking itself.  May I suggest that this may be a misconception based on my own experience.  It is more a case of overgrowth of bad bacteria causing damage to the GI tract and creating all kinds of weaknesses like leaky gut, inflammation and attendant issues.

In other word gut problems are due to infection or overgrowth of germs or bad bacteria but slow-working types like Candida.  If the infection type has been an acute one would have recognized it and consulted a doctor or resort to some treatment.  However when the infection is a slow-working type, one tend to ignore it as just a tolerable discomfort. Over time, the infection may worsen and the real suffering starts.

My own story:

Starting more than 30 years back, bloating, flatulence, discomfort, constant urge to defecate, later on diarrhea, colon pain, and eventually colorectal inflammation, bleeding and depression became a part of my daily life. I am sure many fellow sufferers know what kind of "wonderful" life that is :).

I have tried many herbal remedies including complex recipes from TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). TCM physicians I consulted also did not seem to have a good insight into such diseases given that TCM is still fixated with restoring Yin and Yang balance and not germs or bad bacteria in the GI tract.

I also tried expensive probiotics even in high doses and the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. These have kept my condition a little under control but I felt they were not really resolving the problems at root.

Three months back out of desperation I pondered very deeply what had helped me dramatically in the past but only temporarily.  I remember garlic for one.

I surmise that if garlic had done such good the reason it did not permanently cure my IBS was because I did not continue to eat it daily doses for an extended period.

Hence 3 months back, I resorted to a regimen of eating raw Garlic 3 times daily.  About a month and half back, I supplement garlic with White Oak Bark capsules which dramatically arrests bleeding, shrinks, strengthens and tightens the blood vessels and mucous intestinal tissues.

By taking garlic I now have no discomfort or pain in my colon anymore, discomfort and pain which  for decades back I used to have in the morning and after bowel movement.  I consider my spastic colon problem is now greatly resolved - if not cured - such that I now have only 2 to 3 bowel movements in the morning instead of 4 to 8.  This is a reduction of at least 50%. I believe in another month time, I would improve even more.

By taking White Oak Bark capsules my colorectal inflammation has dramatically improved so much that my hemorrhoids can retract after a while after bowel movement.  This is so incredible given that I had been suffering from hemorrhoids for over 20 years.

I am not saying these two herbs will work on everyone. I just want to get my testimony out to sufferers of intestinal disorders so that peradventure they may want to try.

Formerly, I used to eat raw garlic previously on and off but only when I eat it 2 to 3 times daily was my spastic colon problem solved.  I eat garlic by taking some food first and then quickly gulping down teaspoons of finely chopped garlic with water.  This method avoids the burn of garlic on the tongue.

I am writing this post on this forum because for some strange reason on Aug 24 I received an email from a member "jegamega"  asking me about my condition. However I forgot I was ever a member of this forum. Further, I never posted any message to be known to other members.

I sense there must be a higher reason for that email. Hence I am posting my testimony of what works for me.

Remember it is:

:: RAW GARLIC - 2 to 3 cloves finely chopped, 3 times daily
:: WHITE OAK BARK - 2 capsules, 3 times daily
By the way, White Oak Bark though not very well known is a very powerful herb with very wide application. I would like to attach a file of my findings unfortunately there is no such function here. So please do google yourself for articles and also books on this herb to find out more.

Always do your research and try out remedies carefully even though the 2 herbs I recommend are considered safe.

All the Best!
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