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How am I putting on weight?

I was diagnosed with UC 14 years ago, had surgury for it 6 years later and now 9 years later am showing signs of crohn's. I will find out for sure on Monday. What I don't understand is that I am not eating that much because it hurts (mostly carbs because they hurt the least) is how am I managing to put on weight. I know that having bipolar disease on top of this isn't helping because I get sad and want to eat. I am trying to stick to the low residue diet but it is sooooo boooring.

does anyone have suggestions?
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What surgery did you have?  The J-Pouch?  Are you on prednisone?  Steroids will put weight on you.
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I disappeared for a while. I have a J-pouch and no I am not on Prednisone. The only med I am on is dicetel
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I have put on a lot of weight after my J-poiuch.  It was due to a few things:

1)  The surgery cured my UC so I was finally getting the nutrition out of my food.
2)  I became hypothyroid soon after.
3)  All the years of taking prednisone messed up my metabolism.

Hope you are doing better.
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