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I need help interpreting IBD blood test results.

I have been trying to figure out what’s going on since 2012. I’ve had symptoms longer but only started looking into it since then. My main symptom wakes me from my sleep with severe abdominal pain, severe diarrhea, sometimes I break out in hives and sometimes I pass out. Sometimes I do t have the severe cramps and just wake to use the restroom but am always cold and feel feverish when I wake up. A new doctor I’m seeing ran a Prometheus IBD sgi diagnostic panel. When I returned he said everything was normal. Then I returned on another visit and he said the blood test did say it was consistent with IBD and Crohn’s Disease. That left me co fused as to why he held that information. He wants to repeat a colonoscopy. I had one in 2012 by a different doctor that didn’t show anything. I don’t have these symptoms all the times. They come and go and may only show up a hand full of times a year which is why I haven’t been super persistent but tend to look for answers when I’m having issues as it can be miserable and concerning. Here are the results that I’ve only recently stumbled across when I was on my online account.

ASCA IGA ELISA: 3.8 eu/ml
Reference: <9.2

Reference: <11.9

Anti-ompC IGA ELISA: 8.7
Reference: <11.3

Anti-Cbir 1 IgG ELISA: 28.8
Reference: <35.4

Anti-A4Fla2 IgG ELISA: 21.0
Reference: <32.4

Anti-flaX IgG ELISA: 46.4
Reference: <36.0

IBD specific pANCA

Autoantibodie ELSA: 14.0
Reference: <30.1

Inflammation results:

ICAM-1: 0.66 ug/ml
Reference: <0.52

VCAM-1: 0.51
Reference: <0.75

VEGF: 67g/ml
Reference: <393 pg/ml

CRP: 31.2 mg/l
Reference: <13.4

SAA: 25.6 mg/l
Reference: <22.9 mg/l

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