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Joint Pain? Humira?

I have been on Humira for almost three years due to severe Ulcerative colitis.  It has been working- sort of.  I am no longer having a flare but the past few months have been painful.  About three to four days before I get Humira (every two weeks) I develop extremely painful joints.  It's gotten to the point where I've taken Humira a few days before I'm scheduled.  The pain normally goes away after one to two days after my injection, only to come back in about a week or so.  Any advice or experience?  I'm a senior in high school and sick of dealing with my health!  HELP!
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Yes, humira can cause joint pain, muscle ache, and even fractures. If you are getting severe joint pains maybe, you can consult a GI doctor and see if some other medication will help. The trick is to eat healthy, small portions of food at a time, drink plenty of fluids (not alcohol/wine/beer), and avoid gas causing food items such as milk and milk products, beans, spicy food, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, raw fruit juices and fruits. Take iron/vitamin/mineral supplements. Keep a food diary to note the food items which make you feel good, and those which worsen your symptoms. Needless to say, stick to the former list. Eat less fibers. Be under the treatment of a trained GI doctor and nutrition expert. Take care!
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