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Just Checking In

Hey Everyone,

It's me, Lauren.... Just wanted to check in and see how everyone is coping with their crohn's/uc

I am not having such a good time at the moment and for the past few weeks or so. I am soooo nauseas...everything I eat makes me nauseas, thats why I'm on this weight gainer/protein powder shake thing or otherwise I would waste away. I have peri-anal crohn's and I swear I have an abcess in my butt cheek. I am in sooooo much pain I cant even sit down without screaming. Everytime I sit, I get that disgusting pus squirting out my seton... sorry to those of you that are grossed out, but this is the only forum where I feel people understand the reality of this disease and what we are going through. I can't stand this drainage!! I'm going through sooo many pads in just a few hours and my stomach hurts sooo bad. I am so physically weak, I feel like I've been hit by a cement truck.

I'm going for bloodwork tomorrow to check if I'm anemic again.. if so, back to the iron infusion center I go for another round..ugh.. that stuff burns so bad. Trying to keep up with my college work is near impossible. I keep having to tell my teachers that I just can't get it to them by the time it's due... I can't focus on anything right now, but sleep... it's all I do.. It's all my body wants to do... something has to get better... I can't take this anymore! I'm on my 6th Remicade infusion and I swear it isn't helping.... the fistulas certainly are not closing up because the seton is still draining them... I dont know what to do... Gastro Appointment on March 3rd with the chief of medicine at university of Penn... hopeful that he will help me.. seemed nice last time

If you are suffering.... let it out... I will listen to you

Best Wishes To All,
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