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Life after Small Bowel Resection Surgery

I am 42 and have been dealing with my Crohn's for over 15 years. In Feb. 2015, I no longer could put off having the small bowel resection surgery and over 2 feet of my intestines was removed. Recovery has been hard however for the most part I feel good every day. I am back at work and often take dance classes to stay active. I have lost approximately 20lbs since the surgery and have learned what are my 'stay away from foods.' I take anti-diarrhea medicine before every meal and have at least 2 bm's a day.

Over the last few days, I have started to feel a dull pain in the abdomen section above the surgery incision. In addition, I feel tired, more than usual, some nauseous, limited appetite and pressure when I urinate. I can't quite say I have had this feeling before and its starting to alarm me. I take Tylenol to ease the pain but now that doesn't feel like its helping. And I often can't sleep at night because my stomach is hurting...Any suggestions or has anyone else dealt with the same symptoms nearly 3 months after surgery.
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