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Melatonin and Crohn's Disease. A little worried.


I have been taking melatonin supplements for a couple weeks now. The past couple days I had abnormal looking stools, and I started looking around on the internet and found that melatonin can cause abnormal looking stools, and even sometimes trigger symptoms of Crohn's disease. But what I was wondering is this: when it says that it can trigger symptoms of Crohn's disease does it mean it just "mimics" Crohn's disease? Only cause Crohn's disease symptoms in people with Crohn's disease? Aggravate symptoms in people with Crohn's disease, or what? I'm not diagnosed with Crohn's disease, but was wondering if the melatonin could of caused my first possible "flare". I just had abnormal looking stools, and one time diarrhea. No abdominal cramping or blood in stool. Any help is much appreciated.
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Hi there!

This means that melatonin can trigger the symptoms of crohn’s in a person who has not yet been diagnosed of it but has an underlying tendency or can trigger an exacerbation; though studies have shown that it can both either ameliorate or exacerbate the symptoms of crohn’s. Melatonin by itself can cause diarrhea and the symptoms may not be related to crohn’s. You may consider an evaluation by a gastroenterologist for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate management.
Hope this helps.

Take care!
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dude im no doctor and definitely not the most educated in gastronlogy. However, GET INFORMED. You'd likely greatly benefit from starting that 'diet' that pretty much cuts everything out. ( why? causeeverything's usually unhealthy for our body's,especially in the US.)But basically it's a very tedious long method of ruling out what doesn't cause stomach issues, by slowly introducing more and more back into your diet. some argue tgatits vestto go through a detox period before begining,that others find unnesasry. You have to be patient and dedicated to following it out properly, which most aren't. Good Luck! ( oh yea I'd tell ya the name of this ruling out technique so you could look into it,but like i said,I'm not an educated doctor,silly.) Luckly, COMMON SENSE and some web research, can steer the right direction.
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