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Natural Supplements

Has anyone tried any natural supplements or vitamins to help with the diarrhea and constant bathroom trips.  
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Honestly I don't know that much about crohns and of course you would have to go with what your doctors tell you. But, a good book is "Physician, Heal Thyself" by Jordan Rubin. He was diagnosed with Crohns and basically healed himself (pretty much nearly died from it) - and then he became a doctor. He had other books as well. They are at the library. He has one called "The Maker's Diet". He is a Christian man, and approaches food and healing from a Biblical standpoint. I have his books even though I don't have Crohns - I have other intestinal issues. Also, look at doing cleanses. You could have something ravaging your intestines, such as parasites, etc.  Good luck!
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MY DAUGHTER IS NOW DOING GREAT!!!   No more bleeding and all the bathroom trips have stopped.  If she has crohns like the doctors say then why is she doing great without any prescription meds?  I have her on probiotics, a vitamin, fish oil, calcium pill and the last thing I added 2 months ago was l glutamine.  WOW what a difference in her.
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That's so great that your daughter is feeling better!  I too am leary of prescription medications and have tried to stay away from them.  I do still take Asacol because I look at controlling the inflammation as being very important.  Her symptoms may have subsided, but you don't want the disease to do further damage to her digestive system...so that would be my only fear of not taking a medical treatment.  

It sounds like you have a good combination of supplements going.  Here's what I take:  RF Plus (rebuilds the GI Mucosa), Similase (Digestive Enzyme), Activated Charcoal capsules (helps with gas/bloating/D/pain), Flax Seed Oil (controls inflammation), Pregnenalone (natural steriod, helps with memory and energy), and Cortine (support for my Adrenal System) and Vitamin B injections (helps pain tolerance and energy levels).

But, as I said -- I also take Asacol still.  But I have managed to cut out everything else.  Are you seeing a Naturopath by chance?  I still see my GI, but also consult a Naturopath to be sure I'm keeping a good balance of supplements.

Best of luck to you and your daughter!
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