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No what? I do not know what to do

I just found out last week when I ended up in the ER that I had kidney stones. One was 4MM and the other 5MM. The surgeon put in a stent and I was told it was to keep the stones in the kidney. A couple of days later and two more times in the ER for severe pain I was told that I passed one of the stones. The sad thing is that I still have one of the stones in my bladder and it is the larger one. Is there anything they can do?  I am so tired of pain. I am on constant pain meds and that is not good for my stomach since I just had major stomach surgery in Dec of 2006. I lost 3/4 of my stomach from a bleeding ulcer. They also think that these stones are from my Chrons disease. I lost 11" of my small, 7" of my large and gall bladder full of stones in 2000. Also I have had conflicting information about the stent. Some people say that they leave the stent in place and others say that it is removed. Can anyone tell me which is correct? Thanks- Amy in Pain
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I have a friend in Florida, treated at the Moffitt Cancer Hospital (he had a lung and a kidney removed some 6 yrs ago) who recently had kidney stones. As he only has one kidney his doctors said surgery was too dangerous. He had two procedures of lithotripsy, where they shattered the stones into small pieces and he passed them painlessly. He had stents put in twice, and then removed You rellay need to see a urologist who knows what they are doing, preferably at a major medical cente allied to a university.

I have had Crohn's for some 37 yrs and have never heard of stones being caused by Crohn's, but guess anything can happen. Have you insurance? I don't think the ER doctors can do this procedure, you need a specialist Urologist.

Take care and hope you get it sorted out soon.
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